23 February 2020

Kadam Dharma in Chiapas

Gen Kelsang Sangden, National Spiritual Director of Mexico, recently visited the southern state of Chiapas at the invitation of Centro Budista Kadampa Menlha in Tuxtla and Centro Budista Kadampa Drolma in San Cristóbal de Las Casas.

Gen Sangden gave public talks in the two locations, both of which were highly popular, attended by 170 and 220 people respectively.

After the public talks, the two centers came together for a short retreat in San Fernando entitled The Path of the Fortunate Ones led by Gen Sangden. Over 60 people enjoyed the extraordinary blessings of this event.

“Thank you Venerable Geshe-la for creating these wonderful conditions for the people of Chiapas, and thanks to our dear NSD, Guen Kelsang Sangden, for guiding us in this extraordinary retreat.”


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