Artwork restoration at the Temple in Brazil

Under the guidance of Kelsang Dechog from the Kadampa Art Studio in the UK, Kadampa Meditation Centre Brazil’s community are engaged in maintenance work on the roof vajras, Confession Buddhas and Heruka Mandala.

National Dharma Celebration in Mexico 2022

Last weekend 350 Kadampa practitioners from all over Mexico gathered at Kadampa Meditation Centre Cuernavaca for the National Celebration with Gen Kelsang Sangden, National Spiritual Director for Mexico.

Special visit to Colombia

“For the first time, Gen-la Jampa, the deputy spiritual director of the NKT-IKBU, visited our country to share teachings on developing the mind of compassion, and on transforming our fearful and anxious society into a more loving, wise and, of course, compassionate one.”

The opening of Nagarjuna Kadampa Centre in Argentina

On November 19, after months of work and renovations, a new Dharma center was inaugurated in Zona Norte area of Buenos Aires.
Over 60 people came for this auspicious event born out of the intention of our Guru, the Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, to bring Dharma centers to all people so that they can achieve ultimate happiness by listening to Buddha’s teachings.

National Dharma Celebration in Brazil 2022

After a 3-year wait since the last gathering at the Brazil Temple for the National Festival, this year people from all over Brazil reunited with old friends to receive profound blessings and teachings, enjoy working and laughing together and experience directly how wonderful it is to attend a Kadampa Festival in person. 


National Dharma Celebration in Argentina

This weekend Kadampa Meditation Centre Argentina hosted the seventh National Dharma Festival with practitioners from Argentina and Uruguay. 

Powerful Inspiration in the U.S. Capital

Recently at Kadampa Meditation Center Washington, DC, Resident Teacher and U.S. Midwestern National Spiritual Director Gen Kelsang Demo guided a Post Summer Festival Retreat drawn from some of the most profound teachings given in Weeks 1 and 2 of the International Summer Festival.

Dharma is flourishing in Mexico

Here we report on a few recent events from centers across the country: KMC Mexico in Mexico City, KMC Cuernavaca, KMC Monterrey and KBC Sukhavati in Querétaro.

Buddha Maitreya’s Blessings in Mexico

Last weekend at the Mexican National Festival, almost 400 fortunate modern Kadampa disciples received the blessing empowerment of Buddha Maitreya from Gen-la Kelsang Jampa, Deputy Spiritual Director of NKT.

Chile’s weekend full of love

The Chile Dharma Celebration in Santiago this weekend was full of joy as practitioners from all over the country gathered to enjoy their National Spiritual Director, Gen Sangden, granting the empowerment giving and teachings on the Yoga of Buddha Maitreya.