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24 February 2020

What do you give someone who seems to have everything?

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche answers this question in his book Joyful Path of Good Fortune:

"A king called Bimbisara once received a marvellous gift from a friend. This friend lived in an irreligious country and he was so wealthy that the king could not think of anything to give in return. He asked Buddha ‘My friend already possesses so many things. What is the best gift I can offer him?’

"Buddha knew that this friend was ready to receive Dharma and so he explained to the king how to draw the diagram of the Wheel of Life in all its detail. He then said to the king ‘Give this diagram to your friend and he will definitely be satisfied.’

"As soon as King Bimbisara’s friend beheld the diagram he developed a special feeling, even though he had never received any Dharma instructions.

"When he read a verse that Buddha had written at the bottom of the diagram he immediately understood the meaning of the Wheel of Life. He developed the realization of renunciation and gained a direct realization of emptiness."

Be in the Temple at Manjushri KMC this weekend (Feb 28 – Mar 3) and you will receive this priceless gift yourself.

Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong, Spiritual Director of NKT, will grant the blessing empowerment of Buddha and transmit the precious instruction of the Wheel of Life.

On this basis, we too can come to experience the special feeling developed by King Bimbisara’s friend and gain the extraordinary realizations of renunciation and emptiness.

Make effort to destroy the cycle of suffering
Enter the path to liberation
Abandon all delusions
And learn to cherish others

More information and booking on the Manjushri KMC website

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