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09 January 2020

'Space to immerse myself in meditation'

As the first week of the January retreats at Manjushri KMC begins to draw to a close, we asked a few of the retreaters over lunch what they have got out of the retreat so far:

If you have a busy life it's a fantastic opportunity to sit quietly and be with yourself. We almost never get a chance to do this and if we find five minutes we usually fill it with something else, and stay busy. So coming here is just fantastic. It gives you space and freedom. And we are looked after so incredibly well. We go off to the meditation session, come out, are nourished with delicious food, and then back into meditation again. It's very special.

I’m getting space. Space to immerse myself in meditation, which is absolutely beautiful. You don't get this in other environments.

I am here on a volunteer visit. At the beginning I was just going to the fifteen-minute meditation so doing 30 minutes of meditation in each session is quite a step up. But I enjoy it so much. I really see the progress I am making. I see that I'm getting more and more experienced from doing longer meditations.

Its very, very nourishing and gives me a lot of insights. Very good guidance and a chance to really slow down and actually meditate properly and gain some deep experience. And we have the conditions during the day to deepen it and improve our ability to maintain it in daily life.

The peace is wonderful. If you have a busy life it is very precious.

More than I can put into words! So many amazing teachings from Gen Rabten, deepening my experience of the Lamrim meditations, increasing my faith, and setting me up for the new year.

I'm getting a little bit closer to emptiness and bodhichitta - both becoming clearer for me.

I found a lot of negative stuff floating around in my mind and the retreat is really helping to clear this out. Over the years I have been asking a lot about Dharma and how to practice it and this retreat is answering my questions! I keep asking myself, ‘How did he know to write a book answering all my questions?’ I’m getting more and more clarity. I still haven't grasped emptiness but this retreat is helping me to break it down into bite-sized pieces that I can get hold of.

It's a great space to bathe in our Gurus blessings in a very relaxed way and contemplate his profound instructions so that we can align our mind with his mind and try to ripen our inner realisations.

An opportunity to keep a consistently peaceful mind throughout the day - something I can take home with me.

It's wonderful. I'm getting deeper insights