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08 January 2020

January retreats 2020 are underway

All over the world Kadampas are enjoying the start of the January retreats. Here we feature a small selection. See below for a description.

Barcelona:  Four simultaneous retreats: 11 retreaters doing Heruka close retreat, 23 doing Vajrayogini close retreat, 40 doing Mirror of Dharma retreat and 15 doing Learning to meditate retreat.

Glasgow: Mirror of Dharma Retreat weekend

Hong Kong: Enter into the Pure Land of Kadam Lamrim meditation retreat with Gen Tonglam based on the 15 meditations presented in The Mirror of Dharma with Additions.

IKRC Grand Canyon: Annual Mountain Retreat with Kadam Morten in the new Kadampa World Peace Temple. Practitioners from all over the world enjoying the opportunity to go deeper with their meditation practice. Week 1: Refuge Practice.

Mexico: More than 70 fortunate Kadampas engaged in a 10-day retreat on emptiness wuth Guen Sangden in the magical town of Tepoztlan, Mexico.

KMC New York: The retreat season began with a one week retreat on The Power to Transform with Kadam Matthew.

Tharpaland KMC: The first week of the January Retreat with Gen Rigden on the Three Principal Aspects of the Path from The Mirror of Dharma with Additions.