09 October 2019

Taking the teachings to heart in Tuscon

After the Fall Festival, hundreds of people dispersed to Kadampa centers around the world to take part in post-festival retreats led by Senior Teachers. Reports from the retreats are starting to come in and today we feature the retreat at KMC Arizona in Tuscon.

A dedicated shuttle bus was laid on at the Festival to convey many of the 110 fortunate ones who attended the retreat directly to KMC Arizona. There they enjoyed a powerful and inspiring retreat with Gen Rabten, National Spiritual Director of Australasia and South East Asia.

The program included how to meditate, Avalokiteshvara practice, renunciation, bodhichitta, correct view of emptiness, non dual appearance and emptiness and a question & answer session, after which the retreaters went on their way with greatly increased confidence to continue these sublime practices at home.