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15 June 2019


Today at KMC Texas there will be a special event called ‘Entering into Buddhism’ at which the Resident Teacher Gen Menla will grant refuge vows at a Refuge Ceremony.

In the run up to the event the center ran a social media series in which they asked people,  'What does it mean to be a Buddhist in today’s world?'

They received some thoughtful and inspiring answers:


Being a Buddhist in today’s modern world for me, means to become a better person. It has taught me how to maintain a peaceful mind all the time, even in the most difficult situations in my life.

It encourages me to have compassion for others, and how to have a happy mind! I love this quote from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche and I actually have it on my desk at work. 'Only by creating peace within our own mind and helping others to do the same can we hope to achieve peace in this world.'

3-zuly smiling
2-josh thumbs-up

josh h

To me being a Buddhist in today’s world means to have the ability to control your own happiness. Before, I thought I needed life to go a certain way in order to be happy. Now I know that all I need is peace and then my happiness comes naturally. With Buddha's teachings, I have the ability to access peace within my own mind, even when things don't go my way.

k menla

To be Buddhist in today’s world means many things to me. To rely more upon wisdom than just science and intelligence. To value faith more than material things. To challenge myself to train my mind despite almost everything in today’s world going in the opposite direction. To dig deeper into my heart for truth, kindness, and a compassion without discrimination. To connect with reality.

To be Buddhist in today’s world for me is to find the real meaning of why we are here and make the most of it through living a life of spiritual service. There is so much more to say really and there aren’t enough words. And you’d stop reading after a while, it’s social media after all!

1-menla peace-sign
4-layne smiling

layne c

Living a life of compassion and broadening my lens to see through the eyes of others, to cultivate common ground. Keeping a peaceful mind and accepting ‘what is’ with patience, joy and wisdom.

jeff a

Being a Buddhist has helped me in, quite literally, every aspect of my life. As our world sinks deeper into materialism, I’ve been given the gift of Dharma teachings that I can rely on to help keep my mind as peaceful as possible. Buddha's teachings have given me a new outlook on life and have helped me gain some understanding on why we humans think the way we do and a way to change to change how we interpret those thoughts.

5-jeff motor-bike
6-paula water-sport

paula r

Being a Buddhist in today’s world means that in every interaction, compassion is a guide for my actions and thoughts. We are all connected through karma and energy, and seeing others and myself through that lens reminds me that the journey and the work is far bigger and more important than the “little” things that have the potential to hijack my thoughts and emotions. It means that there is vast and endless space within me to heal, grow, love, shine, and do the work for all beings.

leny m

To have impartial compassion and love for all living beings equally regardless of status, role, position or place of being. Like Shantideva says. “May I become at all times now and forever, a protector for the protectorless ... "

9-leny smiling
7-lukas thumbs-up

lukas k

Being a Buddhist allows me to study Buddha's profound teachings on being less angry, more patient and more loving. I believe that's what the world needs more of nowadays.

erica r

For me being a Buddhist in today's world is about learning to transform. Learning to become a person that is truly happy with all of the ugly, scary, unfair and challenging things in life. To become a person who has great inner strength through using Buddhism to transform yourself, by learning to use those things to become kinder, wiser, purpose filled and more compassionate person.

8-erica love lives here
Man dog

rex b

Being a Buddhist in today’s modern world for me means striving to remain mindful and self accountable for my own peace of mind, seeing the good in every living being, realizing we all make bad decisions as a result of suffering and misperception. Strive to be kind, forgive myself and others.