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17 March 2019

News roundup March 17, 2019

A chance to catch up on some of the other news stories from recent days


KMC phoenix

At the invitation of KMC Phoenix, Gen-la Jampa travelled from IKRC Grand Canyon to Phoenix Arizona yesterday to give the first public talk at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Nearly 200 people attended  the afternoon event.

Gen-la gave an inspiring talk and guided meditations on how to develop our mind and our extraordinary potential  for inner peace.

He explained that because inner peace is possible so outer peace, or world peace, is also possible.

This simple but fundamental message from the heart of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche was well received and touched peoplke's hearts.

Everyone left with plenty to think about, and a delicious taste of meditation to savor.

KMC mexico

Gen-la Kunsang has arrived in Mexico, where she is fondly remembered from all the years she spent as Resident Teacher at KMC Mexico and National Spiritual Director.

Gen-la is in Mexico to lead the National Festival, which she preceded with a public talk that filled KMC Mexico to capacity. More on the Public Talk and the Festial coming soon.

In the meantime enjoy these photos from Friday when the Mexican ordained Sangha joined Gen-la for a sojong ceremony at KMC Mexico.

KMC paris

KMC Paris invited Gen Eupamé, the National Spiritual Director for France, to give a public talk entitled Being Happy through Meditation.

Gen Eupamé explained there is nothing magical about meditation. Simply through training we will discover how to develop positive states of mind that will gradually replace our negative states of mind.

This will allow us to control anger, attachment or even jealousy and eventually totally eradicate these mental faults that ruin our life.

Sixty people enjoyed this beautiful teaching and stayed on to share some meaningful discussion about meditation.

kmc london

Saturday was busy for KMC London, with three events in one day.

At the center in Kensington the Resident Teacher Gen Gomchen gave a day course entitled Faith, Logic & Doubt, while at the Temple in Morden there was a half-day course on Overcoming Stress and Frustration.

Further afield in north London an intrepid team set up a stand at a show to promote Venerable Geshe-la's books and the London centers - and by chance give a copy of  How to Transform Your Life to the TV personality Russell Grant!

KMC colombia

KMC Colombia in Bogotá recently uploaded a beautiful video of their Resident Teacher Kelsang Sangton, which was recorded while he was at Manjushri KMC in the summer.

In the video he explains why we need to meditate and what benefits we will gain.

View the video on their YouTube page.

kmc tushita, cape town

Hot off the press!  Today Tushita KMC in Cape Town started the first ever Kadampa branch in an African township - Khayelitsha, which is about 20 minutes drive from the KMC. Stand by for more.