29 March 2019


Over 500 people attended a public talk at the Charles Chaplin Theater organised by Centro de Meditación Kadampa Guadalajara.

The Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Lobon gave a beautiful talk on how to develop love and be free of attachment.

In his humble, cheerful manner Gen Lobon explained how the mind of attachment is generated and how painful it is - and how liberating and peaceful it is to respect and cherish others without expecting anything in return.

Then he guided the audience in meditation.

You could see people's interest as they made notes to take home the wisdom and practical advice Gen Lobon was sharing.

A desire to know more
At the end there was a palpable sense of joy and a desire to know more about how to transform their lives and enjoy inner peace:

‘I have to know more about these teachings.’

‘It’s amazing - over 500 people meditating together on love!’

‘I loved the teacher's invitation to join this group in Guadalajara who are wanting to change their minds.’

To find out more about what is happening at KMC Guadalajara visit the center's website.