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30 March 2019



This last week tests were carried out on fitting the vajras to the Temple roof. Even though the test vajra was soon taken down again it was heartening to see one on the roof if only for a short while.

In fact, each day as the work progresses it becomes easier to visualise more clearly the finished Temple.

Temple progress
Recently in the Temple:

  • Framing work is continuing
  • Electrical cans & lights are going in the ceiling
  • The fire system has been put in

The columns for the verandas are now on site ready to be installed, and lighting has been installed in the parking lot.

Art progress
The artists continue the massive task of preparing the many objects to adorn the inside and outside of the Temple:

  • The 8 caps for the lantern hips are completed
  • The 8 end pieces that will support the finials of the lantern are nearing completion
  • Two new members have joined the team and are gilding the third Dharma wheel while others work on the second

The video shows the decorative finials being completed at the Kadampa Art Studio at Manjushri KMC and special fittings being developed to secure them. These and the other objects shown will be shipped to Arizona in the next few days along with many other objects - 18 crates in all.

Meanwhile, the spiritual program continues with a recent weekend retreat led by Gen-la Jampa. Some of the participants took the opportunity to walk some of the trails near the Temple.

Can’t wait to be there with all the Kadampa family in September.