03 March 2019



'O Compassionate one, with the light of your wisdom, please dispel the darkness of confusion from my mind.'

For a course called Dispelling the Darkness of Your Mind, Saturday dawned bright, and light streamed into the temple and over the beautiful empowerment shrine.

In the morning meditation with Kadam Bridget we meditated on the wish never to grasp at the things we normally see.

Then in the empowerment and afternoon teaching we drew so close to the Wisdom Buddha Manjushri and the powerful blessings of our root Guru. Feeling the power of the five kinds of wisdom to quickly liberate our minds. OM AH RA PA TSA NA DHI

Gen-la Dekyong's teachings and empowerment were clear, loving and powerful, encouraging us to wake up from the sleep of ignorance, to follow the truth and to make this the main job of our life. In this way to become free from mistaken appearance and able to guide others to the same state.

Through understanding that the real nature of our body and self is emptiness we have the freedom to appear ourself purely as Manjushri. Drawing close to the wisdom Buddha Manjushri, one nature with Je Tsongkhapa, and reading Dharma books, contemplating and meditating, every day our wisdom will naturally improve. Like the new moon it will become the full moon and we will become just like Buddha Manjushri - a radiant pure mind able to benefit each and every living being every day.