04 March 2019



The lilting melodies of Treasury of Wisdom, the sadhana for Manjushri, pervaded the day, both in the morning meditation and in the retreat sessions later in the day. This practice is so uplifting, enjoyable and peaceful.

For the last teaching of the weekend Gen-la once again encouraged us to memorize Venerable Geshe-la’s powerful words and in this way put Dharma in our mind so it becomes our inner spiritual Guide:

The things that I normally see in dreams do not exist.
This proves that the things that I normally see when awake do not exist,
Since both of these things are equally mistaken appearance.
I will never grasp at the things that I normally see,
But just be satisfied with their mere name.
By doing this I will liberate myself permanently
From the sufferings of this life and countless future lives.
In this way I will be able
To benefit each and every living being every day.

Gen-la encouraged us to stop the believing the horror hallucinations of our self grasping and to deeply contemplate the meaning of these sentences until they touch our heart. With this verse, living Buddha is actually liberating us by revealing the wisdom path. Our faith and appreciation grow for our kind Teacher from whom these teachings come, as well as a deepening sense of our incredible good fortune and opportunity.

And then the retreat! There is a peaceful, quiet atmosphere and a prevailing power from the weekend. The meditations go deep. We train in leaving behind our ordinary appearance and conceptions by dissolving all this impure mistaken appearances into emptiness and appearing ourself in the pure form of Manjushri - with a gentle smiling expression and an incisive wisdom sword in our hands. Pure appearances, with pure meanings, that purify our world and put us into a position to benefit others - Tantra the technology that fulfils our deepest goals.

Like a beautiful dream this special event begins to dissolve and people head home to cities, towns and hamlets throughout the UK. Filled with peace and empowered by incredible wisdom teachings and blessings we are encouraged to go home and show the results of the liberating path to the people of the modern world.

Renewed, nourished and enjoying the peace that comes from focusing on Dharma in the company of Sangha friends, we have a new strength and energy for engaging in our Dharma activities in union with daily life. If we do this, Venerable Geshe-la says, ‘For us there will be no samsara, because everything will be the nature of Dharma.’