02 March 2019

Dispelling the Darkness of our Mind - Day 1

Journey to the mother centre

There is always a special feeling when at the end of a long drive you turn in to Manjushri Centrer and see the gold of the temple roof. Pulling in you immediately begin to meet people and are enveloped in a warm feeling of community.

And so begins a beautiful weekend. There is a gentle excitement in the air, we have all left behind our ordinary activities and are looking forward to the inspiration and blessings of a special Dharma weekend with Gen-la Dekyong.

As we approach the temple for the first session it is night time, light glows in the windows and you can see right through to the majestic Buddha Shakyamuni statue at the heart of the shrine.

We receive powerful teachings on the benefits of wisdom and why the Wisdom Buddha is so central to our tradition.

'Wisdom is very important. The more wisdom we have the less ignorance we have. The less ignorance we have the less suffering we have.'

We contemplate how waking life is a real dream, and how dreams teach us that the things we normally see do not exist.

A perfect teaching before bed!