New Zealand Dharma Celebration 2023

At this year’s New Zealand Dharma Celebration, Gen Kelsang Rabten granted the empowerment of Vajrasattva, the Buddha of purification and gave teachings on how to purify negative karma by relying on Vajrasattva. The celebration was hosted by Kadampa Meditation Centre Auckland.

The Secret of Buddha’s Smile

Recently Gen Kelsang Rabten visited KMC Brisbane to give a public talk on the mental peace, inner strength and deep joy we can unlock through the power of meditation.

Australian Dharma Celebration 2023

Last weekend Gen Kelsang Rabten, National Spiritual Director of Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia granted the blessing empowerment of Buddha Vajrasattva at this year’s Australian Dharma Celebration.

Meditating in the great outdoors

With its wonderful climate and beautiful scenery Australia offers many peaceful outdoor locations for practicing meditation. And from time to time the Australian Kadampa centers take full advantage of it.
Here we feature two recent events in the great outdoors

Courage & Resilience in Sydney

Recently KMC Sydney had a full house for a special Public Talk with their National Spiritual Director Gen Rabten.

New Zealand Festival 2022

After many years of not being able to gather, this past weekend over 60 fortunate Kadampas met up in Wellington for the 2022 New Zealand Festival.
“We received Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara empowerment and teachings on the precious mind of bodhichitta from our National Spiritual Director, Gen Kelsang Rabten.”

Australian Festival 2022

National Spiritual Director for Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia, Gen Kelsang Rabten came to Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia, to grant the blessing empowerment of 1000-Armed Avalokiteshvara.
Gen Rabten also gave inspiring teachings on the precious mind of bodhichitta – the best method for bestowing happiness, eliminating suffering, and dispelling confusion.

Australians celebrate in person

After many months of travel and other restrictions, the people of Australia were finally able to gather last weekend for an in-person National Dharma Celebration with their National Spiritual Director Gen kelsang Rabten.

Inspiring pujas, inspiring times

In a sign that we are emerging from the pandemic restrictions and returning to normal operations – but with renewed vigor – many centers held full length in-person retreats over January. And some finished with fire pujas and self initiation pujas on site. Here we feature three of these – each with a remarkable story to tell.

ROBI2697 2

Spring Festival 2023 Day 2

Buddha Shakyamuni 2023

Spring Festival 2023 Day 1 Part 2


Spring Festival 2023 Day 1


Ordination Day – Spring Festival 2023