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09 July 2024

visiting teachers sharing Buddha's Wisdom

At the end of June, wonderful talks with guest Teachers were organized at several NKT Kadampa Centers. Buddhist monks visited Uma KMC in the UK, KMC Trois-Rivières in Canada, and KMC Metz in France. These talks, focusing on the preciousness of our human life and the concept of impermanence, guided participants to a better understanding of Buddhist wisdom.


Gen Kelsang Dornying at UMA KMC, UK

At the end of June, a wonderful audience gathered at Uma KMC in the UK. Guest Teacher, Gen Kelsang Dornying, shared Buddhist wisdom with nearly 50 participants from the local area. The crowd was a mix of newcomers and experienced practitioners. It was a fantastic day at our Center. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and to all who came to enjoy this wonderful talk!

Gen Kelsang Chodor at KMC Trois-Rivières, Canada


KMC Trois-Rivières welcomed Gen Chodor, the Resident Teacher of KMC Canada, for a public talk called Why This Day Matters and a workshop on Letting Go of the Past. During the talk, Gen Chodor shared instructions on our precious human life and guided a meditation on how to live a meaningful, regret-free, and joyful life.

In the workshop, we received rare teachings on gross and subtle impermanence, delivered with great clarity and depth. Gen Chodor provided practical insights on methods to let go of resentment from past hurts, regrets about past mistakes, and the nostalgia that arises from attachment to the past. These meditations were incredibly freeing! The event sparked inspiring conversations among Sangha friends.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Venerable Geshe-la, Gen Chodor, and everyone who helped make this wonderful event possible.

Gen Kelsang Dragpa at KMC Metz, France

The participants at KMC Metz enjoyed a special weekend, June 22-23, with our Guest Teacher, Gen Kelsang Dragpa, Resident Teacher of KMC Oslo and National Spiritual Director for the Nordic countries. This beautiful weekend was focused on the theme of Finding Your Guide and Protector. Some joined for Wishfulfilling Jewel with tsog at the end of the weekend. The weekend extended into Monday, June 24, with Sojong puja for ordained Sangha and an evening talk with 56 participants, including 8 online, called Free from the Opinions of Others.

Thank you to Gen Dragpa for guiding us with so much positive energy, humor, simplicity, and for your skill in the meditative experience.


Jean-Marc: "Everything begins with faith, faith in our spiritual guide which is the foundation, the starting point on a spiritual path."

Victor: "To learn a new discipline (any discipline) takes several months, even a few years, and also regular practice until you truly master the movements and nuances. It's the same for meditation!"

Sandrine: "Take everything that happens to us with a happy mind. I realized the importance of developing my faith in my Spiritual Guide."

Line: "Gen Dragpa teaches with a lot of humor, which helps to easily understand and remember the depth of Buddha's teachings with very clear everyday examples. We feel very close to him, with incomparable kindness and love."

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