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10 July 2024

Kadampa Events For Families in Spain

Kadampa events for families are taking place all over the world, providing a wonderful opportunity for young minds to engage in meaningful and enriching activities. These events aim to cultivate positive minds, inner peace, and a sense of community among children.
Here we're focusing on recent events in Spain..


On the last weekend of June a festival for families and children was held at KMC Spain, celebrated for the second time since the Temple was inaugurated.
The event began on Friday evening with a very enlightening and enjoyable meditation, led by Kadampa Teacher, Mamen, followed by the narration of the children's story The Life of Buddha (Editorial Tharpa), with Kadampa Teacher, Violeta.

The next day, in the morning there were songs and family games in the garden This was followed by meditation for parents in the Temple and meditation with meaningful games for children in the Keajra meditation room. The day continued with a meaningful craft workshop and concluded with a 'Gymkhana', a very dynamic and fun big team track game with challenges related to the six perfections. Parents and children had a great time!

The event ended on Sunday with a morning of games, meditations and more games, culminating with a presentation of diplomas for having learned to be "Friends of the world" and making the determination to help all beings in whatever way we can and, ultimately, to help them find happiness.
A very good message to learn as a child.

An unforgettable, fun and meaningful weekend.

Magical "Family and Kids Weekend" at KMC Madrid

During the second weekend of June, we had the pleasure of celebrating the "Family and Kids Weekend" at KMC Madrid. It was a magical experience filled with all sorts of games, including water activities, storytelling, costumes, crafts, forest scavenger hunts, insect rescue and care, and songs.

Children and their parents and grandparents all enjoyed and learned together the importance of giving love, having patience, and sharing. In the words of the children themselves, the highlighted values were: love, patience, sharing, empathy, helping, and joy, in order to overcome anger, jealousy and sadness.

The event left the children very happy and the families delighted. Without a doubt, it was a weekend that will remain in the hearts of all attendees. Thank you, Geshe-la!

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