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09 May 2024

Kadampa Events for Families

Family time whilst cultivating inner peace and positive states of mind? It is possible to create meaningful activities for whole families as Kadampa Centers are open to everybody. Recently KMC Mexico, KMC Brasil, and Manjushri KMC organized fun and meaningful events for kids & families. 

Cultivating the seeds of Kadam Dharma for the future in Brazil

Children and parents in Brazil enjoyed a lovely sunny Sunday in the Temple for World Peace at KMC Brazil. Kelsang Delam, the Resident Teacher of KBC Jangchub Ling in Taubate guided a meditation and also shared the story of the life of Buddha Shakyamuni with the families.

The families enjoyed a treasure hunt on the grounds of KMC Brazil themed to the life story of Buddha.

It was a great opportunity to continue cultivating the seeds of precious Kadam Dharma on behalf of future generations. Children enjoyed the day filled with games and laughter.

Special celebration of Children's Day at KMC Mexico

On 28 April KMC México held a special celebration on Children's Day. Attendees enjoyed a play for children: The Story of Buddha and Angulimala. The play prepared by our community inspired us to be good people and also made us smile due to its humor and creative touch.

During the event, we also enjoyed a carnival with activities and food to share as a community. This event took place thanks to the generosity of KMC Mexico volunteers. Thank you all for your contribution!

Annual Kid's Weekend at mother Center

This annual special weekend took place at the beginning of May at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Center. A group of almost 30 children with their parents came to enjoy the early May Bank Holiday in a meaningful way.

The weekend included activities like meditation sessions for families, bubbles fun, art workshops, lantern-making workshops, and many outdoor activities including a circle game, treasure hunt, adventure mystery, and fire at the beach with vegan marshmallows and games! Every year the most magical moment of the weekend is the lantern procession from the beach to the First Temple for World Peace.

Many families are coming back every year to spend this relaxing and fun time with their children.

Other Centers

Groups of children also gathered at KMC Metz in France, IKRC Grand Canyon in the US, and Vajrapani KBC in South Africa! Children had fun learning about meditation, engaging in plays inspired by the life of a Buddha, and coming together to spend meaningful time with their parents.

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