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10 May 2024

Extraordinary courses to explore
the power of positive minds

In the last few weeks, students in KMC Metz (France), KMC Stockholm (Sweden) and Vajrapani KBC in Johannesburg (South Africa) have had the opportunity to engage in various courses to explore the power of positive minds.

Don't worry, just try - KMC stockholm

The National Spiritual Director of the Nordic Region, Gen Kelsang Dragpa, visited KMC Stockholm last weekend.  On Friday evening he gave a talk on overcoming discouragement and on Saturday, taught a day course on why we need faith.

Gen Dragpa shared one of Venerable Geshe-la's essential instructions "Don't worry, just try!" which was perfect advice for overcoming discouragement.

We also learnt that developing faith involves leaving our pride at the door, not our common sense!

The course was very well received by the local Sangha and it was great to explore these important topics with such an experienced Teacher.

Transforming negative emotions - KMC METZ

This weekend, 44 people took part in a wonderful weekend course called "Transforming Negative Emotions" with our special visiting Teacher Kadam Olivier Terreault, Resident Teacher at KMC Montpellier.

“Thank you to Kadam Olivier for guiding us with such positive energy, love, humour and the ability to touch our hearts directly. We were able to discover how emotions can help us to realise our true desires, through identification with our true, vast and peaceful nature.” 

the building of an inner refuge  - Kbc vajrapani

Vajrapani KBC held a course with Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Mila, explaining how we can use mantra to build an inner refuge. Then we received a practical guide to using Buddhist prayer beads (mala) in daily life.


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