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21 March 2024

Gen-la Jampa visits Colorado: Denver City Temple opening and Fort Collins Public Talk

The opening celebration weekend of the new city Temple at KMC Colorado  in Denver, was an amazing and auspicious event! Over 100 people attended this momentous occasion that was 3 years in the making. Following the weekend Gen-la Jampa visited Fort Collins and gave a public talk which was a sell-out event.

Grand Opening for KMC Colorado

We started the weekend with a beautiful ribbon cutting ceremony with Gen-la Jampa explaining the grand purpose of our new city temple and the meaning behind the ribbon cutting ceremony. The opening celebration continued with Wishfulfilling Jewel prayers followed by a community party. The following day, Gen-la taught on the Bodhisattva's way of life and granted the Bodhisattva Vows with people from all over the southwest and east of the US attending. Thank you everyone who came to help us celebrate this unique and deeply meaningful event and all the volunteers who made it possible. More importantly, thank you Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso for giving the Colorado community the opportunity to transform the lives of ourselves and others.

Public Talk in Fort Collins

Following the opening weekend in Denver, Gen-la Jampa traveled to Heruka Kadampa Meditation Center Fort Collins, where he gave a public talk to about 100 people in Bas Bleu Theater in the Downtown area. Gen-la Jampa shared with wisdom, clarity and humor why and how peace is possible. Everyone attending deeply appreciated Gen-la’s inspiring teaching and guided meditations, staying afterwards to meet Gen-la and mingle with Sangha.

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