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07 January 2024

lightness accompanied by inner peace

Some Centers chose to mark the end of the year by engaging in short retreats and other meaningful events. Many of these events were in stunning settings. Read on to see magic moments from the events with KMC Monterrey in Mexico, KMC Madrid-La Sierra, KMC Mallorca and KMC Fraser Valley  


away retreat in CHIPINQUE, Mexico

With much joy, we are sharing the photographs from the away retreat in Chipinque, organized by KMC Monterrey in late December with guest Teacher, Gen Kelsang Shima.

For three days, we had the opportunity to listen to teachings, contemplate, and meditate on the wisdom of emptiness alongside the Medicine Buddha Prayers in the Chipinque mountains – it was wonderful! Thanks to the kindness of many people, we were able to delight in this event. Thank you very much!

Purification at KMC Madrid - La Sierra

The Annual Purification Retreat with the practice of Buddha Vajrasattva took place from December 27th to 30th at KMC Madrid-La Sierra, led by Gen Kelsang Rabjor, the Resident Teacher of IRC Menorca.

More than 120 fortunate individuals from the Sangha of Madrid, Segovia, Valladolid, and Cadiz gathered for this end-of-year purification retreat. During the retreat sessions we engaged in the practice of Meditation and recitation of Solitary Vajrasattva in combination with Offering to the Spiritual Guide prayers.

With great kindness and wisdom, Gen Rabjor deeply inspired attendees to understand from the heart that non-virtuous actions are the main obstacles to attaining Dharma realizations and are the primary causes of all suffering. Therefore, purifying them through the practice of meditation and recitation of Vajrasattva is crucial.

Purifying the mind results in a feeling of physical and mental lightness, accompanied by inner peace. Participants returned home refreshed, inspired, with many new determinations.

We thank our precious Spiritual Guide and pray that everyone may enjoy this same opportunity.

Purification Retreat at KMC Mallorca

Once again, the community of KMC Mallorca welcomed the new year by purifying their minds with the help of Buddha Vajrasattva.

In Sóller, surrounded by nature and fresh air, and guided by our dear Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Rigma, we welcomed the new year by getting to know Buddha Vajrasattva. This retreat touched our hearts and changed our perspective, bringing about a transformation that fills us with happiness and peace.

New Year, New Life.
Pure Mind, Pure World

Retreat away from KMC Fraser Valley

At the end of December, Kadampa Meditation Center Fraser Valley had a wonderful opportunity for both new and experienced participants to receive a blessing empowerment of Je Tsongkhapa. Our dear Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Delek, connected this empowerment with Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka, with whom Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso has encouraged us to develop a special relationship.

This empowerment was a perfect way to begin the special Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka retreat being offered at KMCFV beginning December 31st. The event was profound, meaningful, and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

NKT-IKBU New_Kadampa - 2024 - KMC Fraser Valley20190725_212017-scaled

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