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06 January 2024

Change into a better future

At the end of the year many of us think about making changes in our life. For those attending the end-of-the-year events at Kadampa Centers around the world, there was focus on a transition into a better future filled with more positivity and wisdom. Three special events took place in the USA: Mind of All Yogas at KMC New York, Energy of Life at KMC Phoenix, and The Power of Intention at KMC Tampa Bay.



Over the holiday week, over 120 people attended KMC New York’s end-of-year retreat. The week began with Gen Samten granting the blessing empowerment of Dorje Shugden, followed by 5 days of teachings and meditations on how to integrate the practice of the Mind of all Yogas with the Five Forces into our daily lives.

People from Canada, Mexico, Spain, and China all attended this inspiring yearly retreat!

KMC Phoenix - Energy of Life

What an incredible journey we experienced during the Energy of Life weekend, where we immersed ourselves in the Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Amitayus. Under the guidance of Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Tabkay, our hearts were filled with wisdom and inspiration.

Participants were immersed in the blessings of the empowerment, creating a shared sense of connection among us. The guided meditation sessions provided moments of joy and deep introspection, allowing each participant to explore their inner selves and connect with the uplifting energy of the weekend.

The weekend was not just a journey; it was a collective experience of joy, connection, and the profound teachings that will continue to inspire us on our spiritual paths.

KMC Tampa Bay - The Power of Intention

Kadampa Meditation Center Tampa Bay, for the second year in a row, hosted an end-of-year Public Talk with Kadam Morten, our Eastern National Spiritual Director. This year’s talk, The Power of Intention: New Intentions for the New Year, was well-attended, with almost 80 participants packing our meditation room, additional attendees watching in the overflow area, and more members joining online.

Kadam Morten delivered an inspirational talk, setting up a positive outlook for the coming year. The quality social time before and after the talk, including a post-event outdoor Q&A with Kadam Morten, made it a truly special evening.


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