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22 December 2023

Purifying with Buddha Vajrasattva

The practice of Purification is one of the four great preliminary practices. The practice of Meditation and Recitation of Buddha Vajrasattva is a powerful method for purifying our mind and actions. Recently KMC Montpellier in France, KMC Valencia in Spain and Vajrapani KBC in South Africa engaged in this wonderful purification practice, organising retreats at their centres. 

NKT-IKBU New_Kadampa - 2023 - Kadam Dharma in France - Montpellva 8

Two Purifying Days at KMC Montpellier

Two days of retreat focusing on the purification practice of Vajrasattva brought together about twenty people, both on-site and through streaming online at the KMC Montpellier. It was an opportunity to become acquainted with this powerful practice according to both Sutra and Tantra. Kadam Olivier, the Resident Teacher was able to guide the participants in preparing themselves as best as possible for the year-end festivities in the most harmonious way.

NKT-IKBU New_Kadampa - 2023 - Kadam Dharma in France - Montpellsangha Vajrassattva

Purification at KMC Valencia

Short, yet powerful retreat at Vajrapani KBC

Vajrapani KBC students enjoyed gaining familiarity with the purification practice of Meditation & Recitation of Solitary Vajrasattva. This short yet very powerful retreat  attracted several new people as well as those who engage in the practice regularly. We are deeply grateful to our supreme Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for giving us this practice.

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