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13 November 2023

Grand Opening in Saõ Paulo

Grand opening of the new Centre in Sao Paulo was inaugurated by a public talk with the General Spititual Director of the NKT - Gen-la Dekyong - and a ceremony opening the new space in the heart of the city. Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2023, Kadampa Meditation Center Mahabodhi, situated in São Paulo, holds historical significance as the Centre where the precious Kadam Dharma first took root in Brazil.

KMC_Sao_Paulo - OPENING Genla Dekyongcentro55

Between 1993 and 2021, there were five temporary centres in the city. Now, following these transformative years, a permanent location emerged - a gift directly from the heart of our Founder and Spiritual Guide - Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, for the people of São Paulo.

Public Talk

The night of November 7th, in the great city of São Paulo, was far from ordinary. More than 300 residents of São Paulo chose to dedicate part of their time to gain inspiration from our cherished General Spiritual Director, Gen-la Dekyong, in a public talk titled "The Happiness that Comes from Inside."

With abundant joy we meditated, received profound teachings and shared with everyone the preciousness of Kadam Dharma in our daily lives.


We dedicated our merit created through this extraordinary activity so that the holy Dharma may flourish forever and that all living beings may have the same good fortune as we have.

Events in the New Centre

This new space is a place of public service to the people of São Paulo, where everybody is welcome. Anticipating a future filled with wonderful events, expanding classes, and enriching courses, we aspire to share the profound teachings of Kadam Dharma with the broader Brazilian community. Through the presence of this new modern space many people have the opportunity to find solutions to their daily problems and find lasting peace and happiness in their hearts. How wonderful!


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