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14 November 2023

Bonus Bulletin - November 14

Read about some of the other activities taking place all over the world recently.

KMC New York | KMC Adelaide | KMC London | Wisdom KBC | Samudra KBC | Nagaryhuna KBC

KMC New York

"Just two days into our five-day silent retreat here at KMC NY and we wish it could continue for more!

Over 80 people are in attendance at the retreat with Gen Devi, Resident Teacher at Kailash International Retreat Centre. People from along the East Coast all the way to the West Coast of the US are enjoying this deep dive into the teachings and guided meditations from Universal Compassion. Many are joining us for the first time."

- Kadampa Meditation Center New York

KMC Adelaide


"On the final weekend of October, KMC Adelaide hosted its second Hills Retreat in picturesque Belair. We spent precious time together learning, discussing teachings and making new friends. Centre teacher Beth gave helpful and practical teachings, and the Nunyara Conference Centre provided yummy food, comfortable beds and amazing roses and birds to gaze at! We can’t wait to do it all over again at our next retreat in April 2024!"

- Kadampa Meditation Centre Adelaide

KMC London

KMC-London_Kadam John Kensington 1

"On Saturday 11 November we enjoyed a Half Day Course in Kensington on ‘Improving Relationships’ with special guest teacher, Kadam John McBretney the resident teacher of Heruka KMC.
Kadam John gave inspiring teachings and guided powerful meditations on love to help us solve our inner problems and help us create peace within our heart, in our personal
relationships, and in the world."

- Kadampa Meditation Centre London

Wisdom KBC - Concepción


"Last October, in Concepción, the Wisdom Kadampa Buddhist Center managed to move to a wonderful new location within the city.

In this new place, many new activities and regular classes have been organized. Thanks to the work of the different volunteers, in a few days the new educational program was able to launch and thus begin to benefit the entire community.

On this month, Kelsang Khandro, resident teacher from Wisdom Kadampa Budhist Center, was able to visit two Universities in the city, giving meditation talks to the fortunate attendees.

This auspicious month ended with the visit of Gen Chokyong, the resident teacher of the Kadampa Meditation Center Chile, who guided a beautiful meditation retreat. In turn, the resident teacher of the Wisdom Kadampa Buddhist Center traveled to Santiago, where she also guided meditation retreats.


The volunteers and practitioners of Concepción are very happy with this new place, giving their support and effort every day so that more living beings can receive the benefit of Kadam Dharma."

- Wisdom Kadampa Buddhist Center

Samudra KBC, Canada


On Saturday November 11 members of Samudra Buddhist Centre in Hamilton, Canada gathered to learn and practice torma making. How wonderful that more students will know how to make these special offerings for pujas and empowerments!

Samudra Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Nagaryhuna KBC, Argentina

On Saturday, October 28, we celebrated our first anniversary. The Kadampa family from Zona Norte, Buenos Aires, gathered to celebrate one year of our beloved Kadampa Nagaryhuna Buddhist Center.

We had a beautiful teaching and meditated. Then we enjoyed a magic show, pizzas, music show and raffles.

We celebrate a year of Dharma.

Thank you very much dear Geshe-la for this beautiful gift!

KBC Nagaryhuna, Argentina


Spring Festival Day 5

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