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22 November 2023

Empowerment Ceremonies Throughout the world

The wave of blessings continues to spread as more Kadampa Centres have engaged in the Blessing Ceremonies of various Buddhas. Last week's events include the empowerments of Buddha Vajrasattva at KMC New Mexico in USA, Green Tara at KMC Metz in France and KMC Vienna in Austria and Buddha Vajrapani at Atisha KMC Darlington in UK. These special ceremonies bestows upon us special blessings that heal our mental continuum and awaken our Buddha nature.

NKT-IKBU New_Kadampa - 2023 - KMC New MexicoKadampa-35

BUDDHA Vajrasattva EMPOWERMENT at KMC New Mexico, USA

A well-attended empowerment at KMC New Mexico with the Resident Teacher, Gen Khyenwang, brought the local community together. A diverse audience, including those with more experience and newcomers, made the event dynamic and joyful. Exploring the subjects of karma and positive and negative actions, participants had a chance to learn about the powerful purification practice of Buddha Vajrasattva to find ways to purify all negativity.

BUDDHA Green tara EMPOWERMENT at KMC Metz, France

Nearly 60 people from Metz, Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Nancy, Luxembourg, and the Greater East region recently gathered to take part in a beautiful weekend at KMC Metz. They received the transmission of Buddha Green Tara's blessings from the Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Konchog. Alongside a commentary on the meaning of the Liberation from Sorrow prayer booklet, Gen Kelsang Konchog guided participants on how to rely on Tara in their everyday lives.

Buddha Green Tara Empowerment at KMC Austria

The empowerment weekend at KMC Austria commenced with a public talk in which Gen Palden, the Resident Teacher, shared insights on how to live fearlessly. Following the granting of the Green Tara empowerment, he provided practical teachings on how to rely upon Arya Tara, and integrate this practice into our daily lives.

A heartfelt thank you to Venerable Geshe-la and to everyone who participated in this wonderful event!

Buddha Vajrapani Empowerment at Atisha KMC Darlington, UK

A joyful Empowerment at Atisha KMC, UK with Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Chogma, followed by a retreat on the Yoga of Buddha Vajrapani.


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Purification Blessings at KMC Slovenia

IKRC-GC-retreat 3-6image0

Powerful Blessings at the Mountain Retreat


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