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21 November 2023

A Celebration of Wisdom in Portugal

This past weekend marked the Portugal Dharma Celebration led by the National Spiritual Director of Spain and Portugal, Gen Kelsang Chokga, and enriched with guided meditations led by the Resident Teacher of KMC Deuachen, Gen Kelsang Rigden.

People from across Portugal gathered to receive the profound blessings of Buddha Shakyamuni and precious teachings that delved into the essence of Buddhist meditation. The sessions illuminated the significance of meditation, the art of prayer, and the reliance on spiritual community and the Spiritual Guide.

We explored the question, 'Why do I meditate?' The answer is simple – because 'I want to be happy, and I want others to be happy.' True happiness emanates from inner peace, cultivated through wisdom. By meditating on Buddha's teachings, we nurture this wisdom within our hearts.

Gen Chokga led us to the conclusion that the time to meditate is now – not always thinking 'tomorrow', because the only time we have to meditate is today.

Our gratitude extends to all who joined, sharing their joy, spiritual friendship, and love with us. We especially thank Venerable Geshe-la for creating these inspiring Dharma Celebrations. May all beings have the same good fortune as we do.

Obrigado, Geshe-la!


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