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03 September 2023

Kadam Dharma in Switzerland and Austria

Dharma began in 1992 in Zurich, Switzerland, with a series of General Program classes held in the city.

In the spring of 1993, Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments were granted by a visiting teacher. Following this visit, Dharma rapidly gained momentum. Teachers went to establish branches that swiftly evolved into centres in Basel, Bern, and Lucerne. A few years later, new centers emerged in the French and Italian-speaking regions: Geneva and Ticino, and also in the eastern part of Switzerland, in a village named Sitterdorf. In 1995, Venerable Geshe-la visited Switzerland and granted a Green Tara Empowerment at Kunsthaus Zürich, the city's art gallery, to an audience of almost 300 people.

Since then, numerous individuals have benefited from participating in classes, courses, and retreats across this region.

KMC Switzerland

The  journey of Kadampa Dharma's growth in Switzerland began in 1992 when the very first Kadampa Center, named "Vajradhara Center," sprang to life in a modest flat in Adliswil, just a stone's throw from the vibrant city of Zurich. This humble inception was the spark that ignited Kadam Dharma to spread, with more and more centers opening in Switzerland.

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For more information visit: www.kadampa.ch

Kailash IKRC, Switzerland

In the summer of 2007, Venerable Geshe-la asked the Sangha of KMC Zurich to find a retreat center in the Swiss mountains. Shortly thereafter, the former Hotel Goldbiel in Törbel, below the Moosalp and with a view of the highest Swiss mountains, was purchased and renovated. Ten years later, an extension was built with a new meditation room and additional accommodation. A third building is planned to be realised soon as a retreat house. Geshe-la named the Center Kailash and said, "This is our Mount Kailash. A wonderful place for retreat."

For more information visit: www.kailash.org

KMC Geneva, Switzerland

KMC Geneva was born from the strong intention of sincere practitioners over 25 years ago. These practitioners made a request for a center in Geneva to Venerable Geshe-la, who named the Center, Atisha Center.

Located in the vibrant district of Eaux-Vives it has seen steady growth and become a refuge for those seeking inner peace.

It also has a branch in the neighbouring town of Nyon as well as a soon-to-be autonomous center in Lausanne. Stay tuned!

For more information visit: www.mediter.ch

KMC Basel, Switzerland

The Center in Basel started as a branch in 1993.

Later it was made into an official centre named “Bodhichitta Center”. It grew into a flourishing community when a house was purchased in 2003 near the city centre. The community of ordained and lay people  established a beautiful meditation room, with a kitchen, living room and garden. The Center was officially opened in 2004.

A few years ago it became KMC Basel and serves as a place of refuge for an international and buzzing city.

For more information visit: www.meditation-basel.ch

Nalanda KMC in Lucerne, Switzerland

The Nalanda Kadampa Meditation Center Lucerne is situated in a stunning location. Lucerne is nestled amidst an impressive mountain panorama and serves as the gateway to Central Switzerland, on Lake Lucerne.

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For more information visit: www.meditation-luzern.ch

Samudra KBC Lausanne, Switzerland

Established for over 15 years in the heart of Lausanne. The Kadampa Center previously functioned as a branch of KMC Geneva until July 2023. Through the community thriving and a strong interest in the teachings, the branch evolved into a fully-fledged Kadampa Buddhist Center and our appointed Resident Teacher will arrive January 2024.

For more information visit: www.mediteralausanne.org

Vairochana KBC in Sitterdorf, Switzerland

Vairochana Centre is a residential community that lives and works together to nurture the growth of Kadam Dharma throughout East Switzerland. The centre is situated in the rural area of Sitterdorf, near Bischofszell, Thurgau, since 2002.

We offer a variety of courses, ranging from evening classes to overnight weekend events. We warmly welcome various types of group visits to the Center and Temple, including local schools, universities, and different religious groups. Everyone is welcome.

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For more information visit: www.buddhismusschweiz.ch

Dromtonpa KBC in Bern, Switzerland

Dromtönpa Center has been in Bern since 1995. The name was bestowed by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. After functioning for many years outside of Bern's city center, the Centre has relocated to the heart of the beautiful old town in 2019.

For more information visit: www.buddhismus.be

Menla KBC in Ticino, Switzerland

Kadampa Buddhism started in Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, Ticino, in 2001 in Lugano. From the beginning, the events were very well attended, with up to 50 people, and so at the end of 2002 a suitable room was rented in Rivera, on Monte Ceneri, for pujas, courses and teachings.

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More information at www.buddhismo.ch

KMC Austria

Kadampa Meditation Center Austria was founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso in Vienna in 2001. In the first two decades, the Center had various locations in Vienna. In 2018, through the help of the International Temple Project, a commercial space near Vienna's famous Naschmarkt, in the heart of the city was finally acquired. After more than two years of intensive renovation work, the new Center was then officially opened by Gen-la Kunsang in August 2018.

More information at www.buddha.at

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