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01 September 2023

Family weekend at KMC Madrid

During the past weekend (August 25-27) at KMC Madrid La Sierra, a delightful group of 9 families, accompanied by a team of kind residents and volunteers, enjoyed a very special event designed for children and families. This event, celebrated annually, took on the theme "We are Friends of the World."

Over these three days, parents and children engaged in meaningful activities with the six perfections in the heart of every activity. Through stories, songs, games, drama, drumming, crafts, and meditations, everyone learned how embracing qualities like generosity, kindness, and gentleness toward others contributes to maintaining a content and tranquil state of mind, regardless of circumstances.

"It was truly heartwarming to witness the young ones meditating and dedicating their precious efforts with a sense of joy. Their dedication aimed to bring happiness and alleviate the suffering of all beings, encompassing people, animals, and insects alike."

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