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30 August 2023

Scenic retreat in Norway

KMC Oslo in Norway organised a mid-August weekend away retreat, this time in the beautiful mountains of Jotunheimen. During the "Mental Detox with Meditation" retreat participants engaged in meditation on the breath, the absorption of cessation and the kindness of others. Through these meditations they increased their feelings of inner peace and love.

Participants very much enjoyed the teachings and guided meditations with Gen Kelsang Dragpa the National Spiritual Director of the Nordic Region and Resident Teacher of KMC Oslo.

During the mealtimes and the walk on the Saturday we shared our experiences and enjoyed exploring the beautiful nature. At the end of the retreat participants said they really could feel the benefits of the retreat and went back home with renewed energy and enthusiasm for meditation.

The next away retreat in Strömstad, Sweden: " The Peace of Meditation" will happen on 14 - 17 September 2023 with visiting Teacher Gen Kelsang Losel.


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