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16 May 2023

Setting the Stage for the Spring Festival 2023

Preparations for the NKT-IKBU International Spring Festival 2023 at Manjushri KMC have been in progress for several months. An incredible collective effort has been made, drawing together the entire Manjushri KMC community comprising residents, local volunteers, ITTP students, and volunteering visitors, as well as many UK Dharma Centres all unified with the shared goal of making this auspicious event possible.


A big thank you to Kadampa Centre students throughout the UK who have given their days or weekends to come to set-up for the Festival. It was wonderful to see people working together to accomplish the transformation. Thank you to...

  • Uma KMC in Carlisle
  • KMC Lancaster
  • Vajravarahi KMC in Preston
  • KMC Liverpool
  • Kailash KBC in Wirral
  • Keajra KBC in Blackpool
  • KMC Glasgow
  • Tara IKRC
  • Odiyana KMC
  • Vajrasattva KMC in Dumfries
  • KMC Leeds
  • Buddhaland KBC in Keighley
  • Madhyamaka KMC
  • Khedrubje KBC in Hull
  • KMC Manchester
  • KMC Sheffield
  • Heart Jewel KBC in Matlock Bath
  • Samudra KBC in Buxton

Enjoying Dharma, Meditation and Nature in Spain

KMC France11

Peaceful and compassionate way of life

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Away Retreat in Menorca

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