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22 April 2023

Finding peace in city life

Manchester welcomes Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab

April 20th 2023 - over 125 people gather on an unusually cold and windy night at the Manchester Crowne Plaza Hotel for a public talk organised by Kadampa Meditation Center Manchester. They have come, many for the first time, to learn how mental peace is the key to their own inner health. 

"With typical good humour, simplicity - and depth – Gen-la Khyebnrab revealed the meaning of the opening pages of  Venerable Geshe la’s remarkable book How to Transform Your Life. Direct and practical, his words clearly touched everybody struggling to find meaning and contentment in this fast-paced modern city. The connection was easily made – as Gen-la said, he was telling us nothing that we already did not know. But he gave us the opportunity to recognise what we know and do something about our predicament – learn to meditate."

The comments below give a flavour of this happy and wonderful evening:

I really appreciated the way Genla helped me to understand what I was trying to do. I came away much more focused and determined.”

“Clear, simple and to the point. Just as it should be! Simple but profound. Very accessible.”

“A great teaching that all our problems start in the mind – and so do their solutions.”

"Thank you Gen-la. You were the very first Kadampa teacher in Manchester. It is always a joy to see you here again."


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