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09 November 2022


Last weekend, many people - new practitioners and more experienced Kadampas alike - gathered together from all over the UK at Kadampa Meditation Centre London to listen to Gen la Thubten’s powerful explanations of how we can use Dharma to solve all our daily problems and make ourself happy all the time.

Public Talk in Kensington followed by a day course in Morden

On Friday evening, Gen-la opened the weekend with a public talk on ‘The Power of the Mind’ in KMC London’s Kensington venue; and on Saturday, ‘International Temples’ Day’, he taught on ‘The Art of Cessation’ in the KMC London’s Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Morden.

People who had come for the first time delighted in the clarity and humour of Gen-la’s explanations, and those with more experience enjoyed the profound depth and meaning of his teachings on how we can control our mind and accomplish a permanent cessation of delusion, a direct realisation of Emptiness.

The weekend concluded with everyone feeling inspired to put the teachings into practice, and to keep building a spiritual community across the city so that all Londoners can benefit from Buddha’s teachings. A beautiful weekend - thank you Gen-la!

For more information visit meditation.london

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