While the Teacher is away . . .

With the Resident Teachers currently at Manjushri KMC for the Intensive Teacher Training Program, we may wonder what is happening back at the centers. Besides the regular General Program classes being maintained by senior students at the centers, there is also a host of other activities taking place this month. Here are just a few examples:

Making tormas in Paris

Over 20 community members at KMC Paris spent the weekend leaning how to make tormas and then made a full set of tormas for Dorje Shugden for the main shrine.

Making malas in Argentina

At KMC Argentina, the teachers Maflo and Ceci, showed the students how to make their own malas, and explained what a mala is  and how to use it for the greatest benefits.

Special puja in san francisco

At KMC San Francisco, the students engaged Vajroyogini self-initiation practice led by senior practitioners.

Becoming a yogi in hollywood

At KMC Los Angeles people enjoyed a special course on How to Understand the Mind given by Gen-la Kelsang Thubten.

stillness in new york

And at KMC New York many people enjoyed a relaxing, silent retreat led by . Evelyn Williams.

away retreats in seville

At KMC Sevilla, the students have engaged in a series of away retreat in the Sierra de Sevilla.