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06 June 2022

Meditation changes everything

350 people enjoy a public talk with Gen Rabten

350 people recently gathered in the magnificent setting of St George's Hall in Liverpool for a public talk by Gen Rabten, Resident Teacher at KMC Leeds.

"What a fantastic evening at St George's Hall in Liverpool! Gen Kelsang Rabten gave such an inspiring talk on finding real happiness- How Meditation Changes Everything.

"He explained how real happiness comes from our own inner peace and not from nice, but temporary, people and things we can't control - and how in every moment we have a choice about which path to take, how to respond to the situations we find ourselves in - and how with meditation we can create new pathways for our mind so that we always respond positively, with inner peace and real happiness.

"Gen Rabten guided us in two beautiful meditations, developing a loving mind and a good heart: in a room full of 350 people it was completely silent!

"After the talk literally everyone was smiling - people said they felt like they were floating home.

"Thank you so much to Gen Rabten, to the staff at St George's and to all the volunteers from KMC Liverpool for putting on such a meaningful and uplifting evening."