14 June 2022

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Welcome to the 2022 Spring Festival Online

Day 4 ~ the power of gathering

Kadampa’s have gathered together from over 50 countries, like many small streams and rivers flowing into an ocean. You feel the power of gathering, especially after the last few years of pandemic restriction and isolation. Finally we can be together again.

Singing together in the temple has really embodied the joy that people are feeling being together again as an international community. It is wonderful to see the temple literally overflowing with people and to fill the temple right up to the golden lantern with the sound of prayers. 

As Gen-la Dekyong taught us, by deepening our faith in Guru Sumati Buddha Heruka, our root Guru, we can become his emanations, helping to flourish Kadam Dhama throughout the world.

Joy of Gathering

As we all listen to these teachings in person together and discuss them in the breaks with Sangha friends, there is a special power that aligns our hearts, so that in Gen-la’s words,

“We have one path, one intention, one direction.”

It is easy to be inspired by Gen-la’s pure faith and together we are realising that Guru Yoga is the very heartbeat of our tradition, keeping it alive in our heart and for future generations. 

Coming together illuminates more powerfully our great good fortune. We have weathered a storm and there is a much deeper appreciation of what it means to gather and to create these wonderful events together.

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Until i become just like you

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A strong potential for spiritual realizations.

Gen-la Dekyong
Gen-la Dekyong
A strong potential for spiritual realizations.

All Buddhas’s blessings will be bestowed into our heart through the practice of the Guru Yoga of Je Tsongkhapa.

“The practical organisation was outstanding, I didn’t need to queue and the volunteers were amazing. I feel part of something much bigger.”

- From participants