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20 December 2021

The blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha

"This weekend at Madhyamaka KMC, Gen-la Kunsang, Retired Teacher and Retired Deputy Spiritual Director, granted the blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha and gave teachings on the practice. Over 70 people attended in-person and online. The meditations were led by Gen Tubpa.

"How very wonderful that at this uncertain time we have this opportunity! Thank you Gen-la for a wonderful weekend and thank you Venerable Geshe-la for making this possible."

NKT - KMC BARCELONA - 2024 (23)

Deep and inspiring retreats before the Summer Festival

NKT-KMC Rio268fcc1f-d11c-432e-a6cb-16c03be7fef9

Renovations have started in Rio de Janiero


Everyone welcome!

NKT US - New Kadampa Tradition - New YorkDSC_2996-X4

Nagarjuna’s intention at KMC New York