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27 October 2021


Day 6 ~ time for retreat

transitioning from teachings to retreat

Yesterday, we received the concluding teaching of the Festival in which Gen-la Dekyong gave an explanation of the fifth basis of the path to liberation, ultimate truth emptiness.

At the end of the teaching she gave powerful advice and encouragement about how to take the experience of the Festival into our daily life, and especially why we should gather at our centers to help others to enjoy the sublime practices of Kadam Dharma.

Thank you Gen-la for such wonderful teachings, and especially for your inspiring example of how to rely sincerely on our Spiritual Guide.

In the afternoon, the Festival moved into a different mode as we sat with Gen Rabten to take the precious teachings to heart in the first retreat sessions. The retreat will continue until the end of the Festival at lunchtime Thursday.

festival podcast

Who is wandering in samsara?

Gen-la Dekyong
Gen-la Dekyong
Who is wandering in samsara?

Understanding the nature of a person


teaching excerpt

Understanding Buddha's real intention

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Cherishing others - a lifelong project

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Kadam Dharma in South America

global community

the international kadampa family online

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This festival has been so blessed and special. Festivals are powerful and definite methods to make ourselves and others happy by improving ourselves from the inside:

Feeling the presence of Guru Tara more powerfully than ever has opened my eyes to her forever present help and loving care. This is the kindness of this festival for me.
There is no sorrow, no pain, no worry if our heart is close to mother Tara. How fortunate we are to have such an enlightened friend and companion.

Also, witnessing the strength of our Kadampa family joining together it’s something that everyone should experience in their lives. For me, international festivals are a way of life, a way of giving energy to my spiritual life, they give me hope, they give me peace and certainty and also the opportunity to see that there is a chance to benefit others.

This has been my experience since my first festival and this joy has never decreased but has become more and more powerful every time. I can understand why our Spiritual Guide tells us that International Festivals are the special method to maintain the International Kadampa Buddhist Union. We are this union and this union is us.

How wonderful!



We are travellers heading for the Dharmakaya at the heart of our Guru. This insight is the main treasure I am taking from the festival. Already, it is beginning to change the way I relate to life.

I am reflecting deeply on how in our journey through life, we spend so much time and mental energy focusing on the hideous diversity of our eight worldly concerns.

Remembering that I am in the mind-drop, traveling to the Dharmakaya at the heart of my Guru makes life very simple. I do not have to go anywhere, do anything, or expend energy fulfilling worldly concerns.

I am simply traveling along the pathway of the central channel towards the Pure Land. Only that. My life has suddenly become very simple. Very beautiful. Very joyful.

I have got so much from this festival.


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The lights shine on the 2nd anniversary of the Malaga Temple


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