03 July 2021

Resilience in the face of adversity

Kadampa communities working to keep their visitors safe

These days climatic and environmental hazards frequently present us with adverse conditions that might otherwise thwart our efforts to benefit others. Here is the story of two Kadampa communities who were confronted with such conditions and who worked diligently to ensure the delivery of Dharma was maintained and protect the people who visit their centers.

The environment around IKRC Grand Canyon, in northern Arizona, has seen wildfires in the forested areas. To protect the Temple and retreat center, volunteers worked hard to clear the dry grass and vegetation around the center.

"Thanks to the power of Kadam Dharma, even at such times we find peace and build resilience. Thank you to all of our volunteers for your kindness and hard work.

"Now the center can safely host the International Teacher Training Program, followed by the Summer Festival Getaway."

The area around Melbourne in Australia has also suffered from some severe weather conditions, and the retreat center at KMC Australia suffered some storm damage, leaving it temporarily without electricity and Internet.

With the help of a team of intrepid volunteers the damage was made good and gradually normal services are resuming at the center.

"An especially  big thanks to Gen Dornying and everyone at KMC Australia who, despite the storm still managed to broadcast the Acceptance Day Course to Hong Kong.

As Gen Dornying said, "No matter what happens in this world, Venerable Geshe-la's Dharma finds a way!"

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