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02 July 2021

Renewing our strength for the journey to enlightenment

Northern Spanish Dharma Celebration 2021

KMC Barcelona recently hosted the Northern Dharma Celebration 2021, with Guen Kelsang Chokga, the National Spiritual Director for Spain and Portugal streaming the empowerment and teachings from KMC Spain in Málaga.

Around 200 people, both in person and online, received the blessings of Buddha Prajnaparamita and the commentary on the practice to the Great Mother, the most powerful method to remove obstacles and interferences.

The shrine in Málaga

Preparations at KMC Barcelona in Montserrat

enjoying the dharma celebration

"To start with, Guen Kelsang Chokga encouraged us to ask ourselves three important and profound questions: Why do we need to practice Buddha's teachings? Why should we care about our future lives? Why do we need to be permanently free from suffering? She then helped us understand how important these three are.

"Then Guen Chokga granted a blissful empowerment and gave clear and powerful teachings that touched our hearts. Thanks to this wonderful Celebration, once again we had the opportunity to receive profound blessings and teachings, share our insights, and resolve doubts.

"Thanks to the inspiration of our Teachers, we renewed our strength for the journey to enlightenment!

"Group practice really makes our mind grow!

"See you all online at the Summer Festival!"