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14 July 2021

Are you planning a post Summer Festival retreat?

The experience of an International Festival is greatly enhanced if we can spend some time afterwards in retreat improving our understanding of the teachings and taking their meaning to heart.

After every International Festival, various Kadampa centers around the world organise post-festival retreats. As you can see from the list below, there are many opportunities after this year's Summer Festival to engage in such retreats. 

If you have not already done so, book now for the Festival


The Blissful Path Post-Summer Festival Retreat

Sun 15th - Sat 21st August
with Kadam Morten, resident teacher of KMC NYC and the Eastern U.S. National Spiritual Director.

This week-long retreat is designed specifically for practitioners with busy lives wanting to develop familiarity with Vajrayogini Tantra and learn how to integrate these profound practices into their daily life. There will be three sessions offered each day in which Kadam Morten will explain and then guide different aspects of the practice. The main focus will be on self-generation, the heart of Vajrayogini practice and how we can use our imagination to actualize our potential swiftly and lead all beings to Buddha Vajrayogini’s Pure Land of Keajra. Offered Online and In Person. Replays will be available until September 4th.


(The Blissful Path to Keajra Pure Land)

Tues 27th – Thur 29th August
with Gen Kelsang Tonglam, National Spiritual Director of East Asia and resident teacher of KMC Hong Kong and KMC Taiwan


On this retreat Gen Kelsang Tonglam will lead meditations on Highest Yoga Tantra practice of Guru Heruka, the very essence of Buddha’s teachings based on the Summer Festival 2021.  This is a precious opportunity to immerse ourselves in these sublime meditations. Through taking these meditations deep into our heart, we can integrate them into our daily life, thereby transforming every moment of our life into the Blissful Path to Keajra Pure Land.

Details coming soon.


Discover the Bliss of Appearance & Emptiness

Tues 27th – Thur 29th August
with Gen Lekma, Resident Teacher at KMC Southampton

In this post festival retreat Gen Lekma will guide us in the blissful meditations of Generation Stage practice. Using the advice given by Gen-la Jampa at the Festival she will give us the opportunity to strengthen and enjoy mixing our mind with pure appearance and mixing this with Emptiness. Enjoy changing the basis of your imputation from impure to pure. In-person and online.

Nagarjuna KMC, Thornby Hall, UK

Highest Yoga Tantra Retreat: The Very Essence of Kadampa Buddism

Sun 15th – Wed 18th August
with Kadam Chris Heyes, Resident Teacher at Nagarjuna KMC Leicester

Highest Yoga Tantra is the very essence of Kadampa Buddhism and the quick path to enlightenment. This retreat will help us deepen our experience of this life-changing practice.

You must have received HYT empowerment to attend this retreat.

Tara IKRC, Derby, UK

A Blissful Awakening

Sun 15th – Sat 21st August
with Gen Losang Kelsang, Resident Teacher of Tara IKRC

Inspired by Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini and teachings received at the International Summer Festival 2021, Gen Losang will guide us in creative and joyful meditation practices, designed to lead us swiftly to our potential for enlightenment.

Tharpaland KMC, Germany

Die Glückseligkeit Vajrayoginis
(The Bliss of Vajrayogini)

Sun 15th – Fri 20th August
with Gen Ananda, NSD of the NKT for Germany

Wonderful opportunity to train in the eleven yogas of Vajrayogini!

Gen Kelsang Ananda will give practical instructions and guide meditation sessions so you can bring your Vajrayogini practice to a deeper level, or establish it in the first place. The main body of Vajrayogini practice is training in the clear light of bliss. This spiritual training has eleven parts which are called the “eleven yogas”. You will need the The Blissful Path sadhana for this retreat.

KMC Deuachen, Portugal

O Mandala de Corpo de Heruka
(New Essence of Vajrayana Heruka Retreat)

Tue 17th – Sun 22nd August
with Gen Kelsang Rabjor, Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Mahamudra – Sevilla Spain.

A rare retreat on the Heruka body mandala self-generation practice of the Ganden Oral Lineage. Buddha Heruka is a manifestation of all the Buddha’s compassion. By relying upon him, we can swiftly attain a pure selfless joy and bring true happiness to others.

– Sublime methods for transforming our ordinary minds & attaining pure selfless joy

– The actual method to accomplish the supreme bliss of full enlightenment in this lifetime

**For those with Highest Yoga Tantra empowerments only

Madhyamaka KMC, York, UK

Awakening our Buddha Nature

Sun 15th – Fri 20th August
with Gen Kelsang Rabten, Resident Teacher of KMC Leeds

Based on the International Kadampa Summer Festival held at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, Ulverston, Cumbria, Gen Rabten will lead a retreat following the teachings and special blessings received at the Festival.

The teachings of Highest Yoga Tantra reveal our Buddha Nature – how we become an inexhaustible fountain of happiness for ourself and all others.

In this retreat we will gain deep experience in meditation of our true nature, and establish a strong foundation for a life that brings joy into the world.

Kailash IRC, Torbel, Switzerland

Reine selbstlose Freude erlangen
(Attaining Pure Selfless Joy)

Sun 15th – Thur 19th August
with Gen Kelsang Devi, the Principal Teacher at Kailash International Retreat Centre and Kadampa Meditation Centre Zurich

Based on the Online International Summer Festival at Manjushri KMC, UK, Gen Kelsang Devi will lead a retreat following the teachings and special blessings received at the Festival. We will engage in the Highest Yoga Tantra practice of Heruka Body Mandala, the actual method to accomplish the supreme bliss of full enlightenment in this lifetime. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen our experience through bringing our Dharma understanding deep into our hearts. By transforming our ordinary mind and attaining pure selfless joy we can be of real benefit to others.

Kadam Dharma IRC, Menorca



La tierra pura del Lamrin - El corazon del Budismo Kadampa
(The Pure Land of Lamrim. The heart of Kadampa Buddhism)

Sun 15th - Fri 20th August
with Gen Kelsang Lochani, Resident Teacher at KMC Barcelona

The heart of Kadampa Buddhism is the practice of Lamrim, the stages of the path to enlightenment, which is a special presentation of the teachings of the Buddha that is easily integrated into modern daily life. If we meditate and put these precious teachings into practice, we will have the opportunity to purify our daily experience and turn it into a true pure land. The pure land of Lamrim.

PRESENCIAL & ONLINE RETREAT. Retreat and prayers in Spanish (simultaneous translation into English)


La tierra pura de Keajra - El corazon del Yoga del Tantra Supremo
(The Pure Land of Keajra. The Heart of highest Yoga Tantra)

Wed 25th - Sun 29th August
with Gen Kelsang Tsongmo, resident teacher at KMC Madrid

The heart of Highest Yoga Tantra are the practices of the tantric deities Heruka and Vajrayogini. With these practices we can reach the state of a Buddha quickly since they are the quick path to enlightenment. They are also the method to bring the final result of Buddhahood into the path; and, in this way, we will be able to purify our body, environment, enjoyments and activities.

PRESENCIAL & ONLINE RETREAT. Retreat and prayers in Spanish (simultaneous translation into English)


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