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18 May 2021

Never Giving Up

Three Teachers Reflect on their Spiritual Journey

KMC San Francisco recently presented an online event at which three Teachers who have been practicing for many years and who 'grew up' together as Kadampas shared the ups and downs we can all face while traveling a spiritual path and how to overcome difficulties such as doubt and discouragement. To the delight of everyone who took part, they demonstrated the power of spiritual resilience, creating fresh starts, and the power of joyful reliance.

Gen Kelsang Choma, Resident Teacher at KMC San Fancisco, spoke about experiencing joy from applying effort and energy in her spiritual life. She also spoke on what it means to never give up, finding ways to encourage ourself and to keep going.

Gen Kelsang Lingpur, Resident Teacher at KMC Arizona,  shared her experiences with dealing with doubt in her spiritual life. She gave examples of how she got through those challenging minds when they arose.

Gen KelsangTubpa, for many years Resident Teacher at KMC San Diego and now teaching at Madhayamaka KMC in the UK gave advice on how to deal with discouragement. She talked about which antidotes helped her the most in those times where she was discouraged about her practice.