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28 May 2021




"I think in the last twelve months we’ve all become very familiar with coming together mentally, spiritually, in our hearts - coming together to listen to Buddha’s teachings. People gather together physically for many reasons such as football matches or pop concerts, but these physical gatherings have no essence in reality. Our gatherings, physical, mental and spiritual - have incredible meaning for the future of our own life and the lives of all living beings. It is so meaningful to join in this wonderful Festival that we’re going to enjoy the for next few days."

With these words, Gen-la Khyenrab introduced the International Spring Festival 2021 and encouraged us to appreciate how deeply meaningful the next few days will be for both ourselves and others.

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Faith Is Extremely Precious

Kadampa Buddhism
Kadampa Buddhism
Faith Is Extremely Precious

The Essence of Spiritual Practice


"Sometimes people ask me, 'What is the great secret of your tradition, the New Kadampa Tradition? Who’s behind the success of all these centers and all these wonderful experiences? What is the special energy? What’s going on in the background of this tradition that is proving so attractive for people of the modern world?" And my answer is always the same - 'There is no secret! It's simply faith." It is simply faith in the minds of the people who listen to these teachings and study and practice these teachings."

Today at 4pm UK time, we have the great good fortune to receive the blessing empowerment of Buddha Shakyamuni from Gen-la. Please note this session will be available online for only 24 hours.
All other sessions will remain online until 23:59 hours (UK) on June 10.

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Promising to protect ourselves and others ~ Gen-la Khyenrab

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Watching a Temple grow

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Here at KMC Edinburgh we are very excited about our Spiritual Holiday and really looking forward to receiving the blessing empowerment of Buddha Shakyamuni from Gen-la Khyenrab.

As Genla Kunsang always says, here we live such good lives with no need for much planning, tests, packing, traveling to special destinations to get a peaceful happy mind these days. We just need to tune in online and delight in the banquet of Kadam Dharma that so many Kadampas have kindly worked so hard to prepare for us. See you online dear family!

Tiphaine, USA

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I am so grateful to receive the Buddha Shakyamuni empowerment. His life example is such a source of inspiration, and with this empowerment we’re being reminded of his kindness bringing Dharma to this world,. And of our Spiritual Guide’s supreme kindness helping us transform our life to make it meaningful.

Mariana, Mexico


During this Festival, I am really looking forward to spending some time reconnecting, listening, recharging - to let Dharma be in my heart.



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You knew there was not going to be one wasted word in Genla Khyenrab’s Introduction the Spring Festival. He asked, “What is the secret of our success?” And the answer he gave was actually very personal for all of us.

The secret? He said there is no secret. Our tradition, teachings, our festivals are open and transparent. There is no hidden agenda. There is simply our faith. Our choice. We choose faith. It’s not just some random natural occurrence.

In this way we take ownership of our Festival experience and our practice of Stages of the Path. We become participants not just listeners or observers. We are not here to intellectualise, add another Festival to our lifestyle box or go away with our mind unmoved.

This advice is so important, especially for those who have trouble with faith or moments of doubt. Faith is our personal commitment. It is our choice – firmly based on wisdom. Not to have faith is also a choice – but a commitment to what? To more suffering.

So what a way to begin a Festival! Close up and personal. So, let’s make a real choice and renew our determination. Let’s make the most of this rare and wonderful opportunity to receive the blessing empowerment and commentary to this sublime Dharma prayer.



Thank you Buddha Shakyamuni for revealing the path to permanent freedom through the great kindness of the Spring Festival.

I am overcome with gratitude when I contemplate the beauty of our present opportunity. To listen to these holy teachings, to participate in the creation of a Venerable Geshe-la’s vision of a pure world. Contemplating that on the day I draw my last breath, this is the connection I will go for refuge to.

Who else will protect me? Who else has the omniscience to see my most deluded minds and still work tirelessly to provide conditions to meet my every need? Who else teaches us that we can become Buddhas in this life?

When I read the holy verses of the Request to the Lord of all Lineages, Venerable Geshe-la composed, I have faith that his great love for us will lead us to enlightenment. I am deeply grateful to now receive commentary to this precious prayer from his heart disciple, Gen-la Khyenrab… illuminating the path with such lightness and joy.

May we always have the good fortune to gather together at the International Festivals until we attain enlightenment. And through this, may we create the causes for a Kadampa temple to appear in every city throughout the world.


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This year, as last year, we have created an online Festival Shop where you can purchase high-quality Dharma items and gift items as well as all your Tharpa items. Your purchases will be securely packed and promptly shipped to any country in the world.