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20 May 2021

A meaningful break in Seville

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Recently, the Teacher and students of KMC Seville took time off from their busy project converting the new City Temple to enjoy an inspiring Medicine Buddha empowerment with their Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Rabjor, with the meditations led by Gen Kelsang Sherab, Resident Teacher of Avalokiteshvara KBC in Huelva:

"This was most important event we organised this year.'

"Over 70 people from Spain and other countries joined and we all enjoyed a wonderful weekend full of blessings and inspiring teachings.

"Avalokiteshvara KBC in Huelva offered its City Temple to KMC Seville for this event, because the City Temple in Seville is still under construction.

"As you can see from all the testimonials below, it was a wonderful and joyful opportunity to share this weekend with them. We are very grateful to the managers of Avalokiteshvara KBC and its Resident Teacher Gen Sherab.

"Thank you Gen Rabjor, all the Teachers, managers and everyone else who took part for this precious time together. Most of all, thank you Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, through whose kindness and blessings all this was possible.

"Now, freshly inspired and regenerated, we continue working on our new building so we can reach many more people with the precious Kadam Dharma. May it flourish in Seville, Spain and the whole world!

"To find out more about KMC Seville and ways in which you can help with the wonderful urban Temple project visit our website at: https://meditaensevilla.org/."


“Many thanks to Guen Kelsang Rabjor and the whole team of the KMC Seville for bringing to Huelva the blessings of the Medicine Buddha. Thank you very much for this precious weekend.”
Gen Kelsang Sherab

“For me it was wonderful how Gen Rabjor introduced the Mahayana’s paths in this empowerment, the path of accumulation, preparation, etc.... How important it is to accumulate merits and prepare on the spiritual path, with a good friend in our heart, the Medicine Buddha...He is the great doctor who can cure us from mental diseases. A big hug for everyone”

“Many hugs and thanks to the Teacher and the team of KMC Seville. All the people who made this event possible. The empowerment of Medicine Buddha was very powerful, precious and I really appreciate the transmission of the 44 promises that the 7 Medicine Buddhas made in the past. I am delighted!”

“Many thanks to the Teachers Gen Rabjor and Gen Sherab, and to KMCs Seville and Huelva for the opportunity to live the wonderful experience of the Medicine Buddha empowerment and retreat. I felt joy and inner peace and I can value the great fortune we have to use this precious human life working for our happiness together with the Three Jewels”.

“It is really inspiring to see my patients -I  am a doctor- with the Medicine Buddha on their crowns. It helps me a lot in my work. It is one of the practices that I try to do after this empowerment”.

“I learnt a lot these days and I believe there is a before and an after this empowerment. For me it was a special to see Gen Sherab, my first Teacher...It was very special experience for me, infinite thanks, it has been precious”

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