15 October 2020

Special celebrations in Brasil

These are special days at KMC Brasil, during which they celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the magnificent Temple for World Peace. In 2003 some practitioners offered a piece of land as a gift to Venerable Geshe-la with a sincere request for the appearance of a Temple. They stood together in what they described as a 'group hug' and recited the Heart Sutra and made special prayers at the site where the Temple eventually appeared.

The center has a series of events planned celebrating the 10-year anniversary culminating in a special Offering to the Spiritual Guide puja on October 22, which they hope will be attended up to a 1,000 people online thanking Venerable Geshe-la for his great kindness to the people of Brasil.  More information can be found on their Facebook page.

Inspiring protection for challenging times

"As part of the special anniversary celebrations, on October 10, 50 people in person together with 27 online, gathered their hearts at the World Peace Temple in Brazil.  They were seeking the inspiring protection of the Three Precious Jewels, granted at a special Refuge Vow ceremony with Gen Kelsang Drime.

"The ceremony was followed by a beautiful Offering to the Spiritual Guide puja and a two-day retreat, during which we could deepen the experience on the causes of refuge.

"The World Peace Cafe is open again, and provides a safe yet warm meeting point for everyone to enjoy each other's company and delicious food - especially the vegetarian "coxinha"."