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14 October 2020

The power of promise, the power of prayer

O Great Assembly of Blessed Ones, please listen to what we now say. Previously you Seven Tathagatas made prayers to fulfil the promises you have made in this, the final five hundred years of Buddha Shakyamuni’s doctrine; we request you now to show us the truth directly.

"Nowadays we can see in the world so many problems, so many people experiencing difficulties. Some people ask me what we Buddhists should do to help.

"My answer is: Our job is to pray - to pray for these people to pacify their negativity, wrong views, and extreme views. Our job to solve these kind of problems is to pray for everyone to become friends, living in harmony with good relationships and to pacify their extreme views, wrong views of selfish intention, and so forth. That is our job. I believe this is the best method to help, to benefit.

"Through receiving blessings our prayers will be fulfilled, I promise. This is our Buddhist way of helping and benefiting to solve these kinds of problems. I believe you will solve the world’s problems gradually.

"A practitioner who receives the special blessings of Medicine Guru will receive a special power on their body and mind so that when they pray with a compassionate motivation their prayers will be fulfilled.

"Altogether the seven Medicine Buddhas made 44 promises. We can request Medicine Guru, 'Please fulfil my wishes, my prayers, because you promised to.'

"If we practice continuously, if we rely upon Medicine Guru with strong faith and devotion, gradually we will receive power and our prayers will definitely be fulfilled."


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