23 October 2020

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Welcome to the 2020 International Fall Festival Online

Day 1~ The healing begins

Because of the unusual situation in the world today, Fall Festival 2020 is now the third International Festival presented entirely online.

Thanks to the extraordinary kindness and vision of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, even though times are challenging for many people, we are all able to meet and practice precious Kadam Dharma directly in our homes.

And how wonderful that at this Festival we will receive the empowerment of Medicine Buddha and teachings on how to use this sublime practice to heal ourselves and others, both physically and mentally. Such a special opportunity at such an important time!

Everyone is welcome to this auspicious event.

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Introducing Fall Festival 2020

Gen Rabten
Gen Rabten
Introducing Fall Festival 2020

A quick guide to what lies in store

blessed teachings from a special teacher

At 19.30 this Friday evening (UK time) around 3,500 people across the globe will watch Gen-la Dekyong, General Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU, open the Festival with the introductory teaching. What great good fortune to receive such blessed teachings from such a special Teacher.

As the Festival progresses, on the teaching days there will be guided meditations to help us take the teachings to heart led by Gen Kelsang Chokga, National Spiritual Director for Spain and Portugal.

Then the  Festival concludes with a short retreat on the practice led by Gen Kelsang Rabten, National Spiritual Director for Australasia and south Asia.

In the meantime, listen to the powerful podcast above by Gen Rabten explaining the special opportunity that lies ahead.

We hope you enjoy this great banquet of Kadam Dharma.

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precious reminder from the summer festival

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international kadampa family online

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maria, sam (and dorje), uk & romania

Lisa, UK

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Sandra, Germany

sandra DE

I am looking forward to the healing blessings of Medicine Buddha so much because Buddha taught that everything exists in our mind. So, let's heal our personal world. The time is now!

Susana, spain

Susana, Spain

Reading the Festival Diaries make me feel in direct contact with the international Kadampa friends that I have met in other festivals. It's like living the wide vision of Venerable Geshela online!

Kelsang Lamchog, Australia


This festival is important to me because it reminds me  to step outside the ordinary. Through reconnecting with Venerable Geshe la's presence and the Teachers, friends and states of mind that are pure sources of refuge, my faith deepens and I am able to imagine what a pure world would look like.

Gathering together online as a global community to receive Medicine Guru's blessings I am inspired by our common purpose - to heal this world of pain and torment forever. This is extraordinary!


Many countries, many languages, one meaning

139 Kadampas around the world are helping with transcribing and translating the teachings and meditations at this Festival in 11 languages. Heartfelt thanks to everyone for your joyful dedication. Here are a few snapshots of just some of of our precious translators:



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What is there not to look forward to about an International Festival? Especially an online Festival?

I am a great fan of the live Festivals and miss very much the energy and atmosphere of Manjushri KMC and other venues when thousands of Kadampas from all round the world gather to share the teachings, meditations and each other's company.

But the online Festivals this year have added another dimension to that sharing - an unusual intimacy that allows us to meet and get to know people - where they live, how they practise, what they are thinking - that is very inspiring.

Precious family
By following the Festival Diaries this year I have come more and more to feel part of a precious, global family and deeply appreciate what an incredible achievement it is of Venerable Geshe-la's to bring us all together in this way, regardless of country, culture or language, as part of an international community sharing a common vision of world peace.

Slowly, I am beginning to understand why Venerable Geshe-la says in his message that these International Festivals 'are the special method to maintain the International Kadampa Buddhist Union'.

I feel proud and privileged to be part of this union!


It's impossible to overstate our great good fortune in being able to meet the Buddha Doctor, Medicine Guru, and receive from him the power to heal ourself and others.

We frequently hear how difficult these times are and how so many are suffering both mentally and physically, but what is not so clear is what is the root of all this suffering and how we dispel it.

Through Buddha's teachings we understand that the roots of all our sickness, both mental and physical, lie in the mind - and that these afflictions can be completely healed only by the inner medicine of Dharma.

I am intrigued by the title of this Festival - 'The supreme medicine of faith & wisdom' and am really looking forward to learning how this works.

How does faith heal sickness? How does wisdom? And what makes them the 'supreme medicine'.

Im really looking forward to listening to Gen-la's explanation and learning how to apply this medicine in my life.

And also how through the blessings of Medicine Buddha we can increase the power of prayer to the point where our prayers for others are fulfilled.

If ever there was a time for the people of this world to learn these things, it is now!

A big thank you to Gen-la for bringing these teachings to us, and to everyone else who is working to make this online Festival possible.


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