23 October 2020

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Day 2 ~ The supreme medicine

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What better preparation could we have had than the extraordinary introductory teaching Gen-la gave last night? And with a beautiful rainbow appearing over Manjushri center just before the teaching.

Today, at 16.00 UK time, Gen-la will grant the blessing empowerment of Medicine Buddha!
How wonderful. How extraordinary!

The day will begin with two meditations led by Gen Chokga to prepare our mind for the empowerment, and finish with a Wishfulfilling Jewel Puja at 19.30.

Please enjoy this magnificent delight!

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Personal Advice from our Guru’s Heart

Kadampa Buddhism
Kadampa Buddhism
Personal Advice from our Guru's Heart

A special message from Venerable Geshe-la

a hundred percent certainty

During her introductory teaching, after reading a special message from Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, Gen-la Dekyong posed the question that with so much danger, so many adversities and difficulties in our world at the moment, what medicine is there in this world that can cure all suffering permanently?

She told us that Venerable Geshe-la says, “I can say with a hundred percent certainty, only Buddha’s teachings are the method to solve human problems.”

Using Dharma wisdom, she encouraged us to distinguish between outer and inner problems, and to regard all our inner problems, such as anger, discouragement, depression as our real problem and something we have the power to solve through Dharma. By recognising, reducing and abandoning our delusions, eventually, through the power of practising Buddha’s ultimate view, emptiness, we can solve all our own problems and help others to do the same.

In Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, Shantideva says:

“May the Buddhadharma, the sole medicine for all suffering
And the source of all happiness,
Be materially supported and honoured
And remain for a very long time.”

Gen-la said that Shantivdeva is telling us from his own experience that Dharma- the realisation of Buddha’s teachings -  is the only medicine that will cause all suffering to cease. Through our own faith and effort we can accomplish what our Guru has accomplished and find the supreme inner peace of enlightenment, the inner light of wisdom, which is permanently free from all suffering and problems.

How fortunate we are!

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Who Is Medicine Guru?

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Taking the medicine

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Marianna, Spain

Santi, Spain

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Isabelle, France

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J'ai expérimenté mon premier festivals kadampa pendant le confinement et ça été, c'est un immense soutien pour garder mon esprit calme et comprendre qu'il existe des méthodes pour être heureuse quelles que soient les circonstances. J'ai découvert ainsi une force douce à l'intérieur de moi que je ne soupçonnais pas. Et cela me donne aussi l'envie et la confiance de recommencer dès qu'un festival se présente

Sebas Maldonado, Spain

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Estoy muy agradecido de poder hacer este Festival del Buda de la Medicina, porque es muy importante que todos los seres sintientes disfruten de buena salud para adquirir el poder de la Medicina Suprema de las enseñanzas de Dharma.

Noga, Spain


Attending the Fall festival dedicated to Medicine Buddha is very important for me. Connecting to such a special ancient wisdom that will teach me how to heal the body and mind through meditation and having the opportunity to purify karmic causes to improve my health during the festival is a blessing that will give me the opportunity not only to help myself but also to assist all feeling beings around the globe.

Especially in these days that the world is immerse in an historical period facing together the same epidemic, Dharma teachings has a unique potential to unify us all and make us stronger and healthier.
I am very grateful to the Kadampa tradition for this good fortune.

Alicia, China


The cat mother was pregnant when she listened to the teachings during the Summer Festival. This time, she will share her good fortune with her newly-born kid during the Autumn Festival.

a story from france

Today is an usual Centre Cherishing at KMC France, we are preparing to welcome the people who are coming to follow the Fall Festival 2020 Online ! This is the second time we are giving the opportunity for people from all over France to gather for such a wonderful event. One of our residents showed us the statue she received from the Festival Shop ! It was a really inspiring moment and we are looking forward to meeting Guru Medicine Buddha tomorrow ! We wish everybody a wonderful and blessed festival ! Love from KMC France.


Residents and visitors at Manjushri KMC getting ready for the Festival



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Priceless Kadam Dharma

That was surely one of the most profound Festival Introductions we have ever received from Venerable Geshe la, through Gen la Dekyong! Beginning with Venerable Geshe la’s special Festival encouragement to us to listen wholeheartedly to Kadam Dharma, Gen la then focussed on one key aspect of this - that listening to Dharma teachings is the supreme medicine that cures the disease of uncontrolled desire, anger and ignorance. It’s so relevant for us now, so essential in these troubled times, to solve our inner problems of depression, unhappiness and pain. Gen la explained how, by listening, we can identify our real problems, and we can understand that the only permanent solution to them is to practise Dharma. How amazing that we live in our world where this solution exists! She explained how we can abandon all our pain - including physical pain - and unhappy feelings, by listening to, practising and experiencing Kadam Dharma. Samsara is horrible and we all need this medicine so badly just now. How amazing and how fortunate that we have the opportunity to listen to this priceless Kadam Dharma direct from our holy Spiritual Guide’s heart!

Gen Jigme, UK

Estoy maravillada

Estoy maravillada de la increíble fortuna que tenemos de conectarnos una vez más a un festival Internacional, con toda la comunidad Kadampa, de estar ahí y de recibir las profundas enseñanzas y las bendiciones de Buda de la Medicina.

En medio de toda la situación actual que estamos viviendo aparece una gema que colma todos los deseos.

No hay nada más maravilloso que escuchar, contemplar, meditar y poner en práctica las preciosas enseñanzas de Buda. Es una oportunidad única que hace que nuestra vida adquiera un profundo significado.

Dice venerable Gueshela: “Escuchar enseñanzas de Dharma es la medicina suprema que cura la enfermedad de nuestro deseo incontrolado, odio e ignorancia” Con estas enseñanzas podemos liberarnos para siempre de todos nuestros sufrimientos y ayudar a los demás a conseguirlo.

Todo lo que recibiremos en este festival va más allá de lo ordinario, hemos creado las causas para llenarnos de inspiración, aumentar nuestra fe, aumentar nuestro refugio, mejorar nuestras buenas cualidades, tener un corazón más bondadoso y compasivo, ser buenos ejemplos. Y con ello poco a poco ir mejorando nuestro adiestramiento espiritual hasta alcanzar nuestra meta última, la iluminación.

Estoy profundamente agradecida con la bondad y el amor de mi Guru, su perfecto ejemplo e inagotable esfuerzo para que tengamos acceso a todo esto. Gracias a la Sangha que también hace posible que todo llegue a nuestros hogares, son sus perfectas emanaciones.

¡Que con estas bendiciones pronto podamos alcanzar profundas realizaciones para que todos los seres sin excepción disfruten del precioso Dharma, que todos los enfermos se curen con rapidez y se liberen de su sufrimiento para siempre!

Rocio, Mexico

Two waves of blessings

This year my volunteer job helping at the international Kadampa Festival gatherings was quite a break from the routine. I had the good fortune to be asked to assist with translating the teachings into my language. I did this at all three festivals and wanted to briefly share my experience.

It felt like two waves of blessings. The first wave comes from the mother centre with the transcripts of powerful teachings. As soon as it touches your mind, you dive into this wave and spend quite some lovely time in it attending the meaning of the teachings. Then the translated teachings draw back to the mother centre where everything is put together. Then, at the beginning of the festival, a yet much more powerful wave is coming from the mother centre. It contains the beautiful teachings enriched with the kindness and dedication of all the translators and IT support. Everything feels completely fresh attending the festival, yet it goes easy into your heart.
I am looking so much forward to attending the introduction tonight and enjoying the empowerment, teachings and retreat sessions over the next week.
Thank you my lovely Kadampa family ... and most of all Thank You my precious Spiritual Guide!

Gen Khandro

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