27 September 2020


Feedback from the heart in Brasil

We received these photos and stories from the Kadampa Temple for World Peace in Brasil. People who have recently visited to do retreat or to help with the voluntary work share their experiences of being at this special place. Read their heartfelt feedback and be inspired.

Benefiting centers benefits all living beings

Soon, October 16, it will be Work a Day for World Peace - an opportunity to make a contribution to the development of Kadampa centers around the world. As Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche says, because Kadampa centers belong to all living beings, every time we benefit a center, no matter how small our help, we benefit all living beings.


1-1 - Fabio

I came to Temple for World Peace for personal reasons because I needed to rebalance myself. Today, one of my greatest joys is seeing the smile and the peace that people already feel when they arrive at the meditation classes on Saturday mornings.”
Fábio, RESIDENT since May / 20.


7-7 - Carlos

“I decided to do a solitary retreat at KMC Brazil in order to improve my concentration in meditation, and keeping silent while doing my practices and during breaks as well. In addition to the Temple for the World Peace, this inspiring place has all the best conditions for such retreats."
Carlos, SOLITARY RETREATER in September / 20


4-4 - Marx

“Having the opportunity to be a solitary retreater at the Retreat Chalet where Venerable Geshe-la lived for two weeks when he came to open the Temple for World Peace, was very special. This place is as well qualified as any other International Kadampa Retreat Center. And it is near home."


2-2 - Elizabeth

“I was already studying on the Foundation  Program with Gen Drime by correspondence. With the social distance caused by the pandemic, the conditions came together for me to come to live here and have classes in person. After a few months studying and meditating I felt that this is the moment to become part of these good hearts that are gathered here to bring peace and harmony for the people of these challenging times. So then, decided to stay!"
Elizabeth, RESIDENT since June / 20


5-5 - Thales

“My dear friend, Kelsang Dadrag, asked me to help with a major and important repair on the Temple walls - and I did not hesitate. I feel this invitation is a great opportunity to practice and benefit all the people who visit this beautiful and inspiring place."
Thales, VOLUNTEER of maintenance since August / 20

Luiza, Bartolomeu & Alfredo

8-8 - Luisa

“As I am already retired, I resolved to enjoy the peace and possibility of personal spiritual growth, in this place, where I feel more than welcome. I feel good, happy and motivated to study and meditate, while taking the opportunity to benefit the other residents, volunteers and visitors with a little voluntary work. Bartolomeu and Alfredo, my pets, are also very happy and in peace, and have even been able to see the Buddhas of the Temple!"
Luiza, Bartolomeu and Alfredo, RESIDENT since September / 20


3-3 - Pretinha

“When I discovered this place full of loving, affectionate and caring people, I decided to stay. And despite of all their attempts to find my old home, in the end they realised that my true home is here."
Pretinha, RESIDENT since January / 20

Matheus & Daniel

6-6 - Matheus e Daniel

“As well as being able to enjoy our father's company while he waits for in-person classes to restart, we can study, fly kites, ride bikes and enjoy the beauty and peace of the fields, the hills and the Temple.”
Matheus and Daniel, children of a RESIDENT August / 20


9-9 - Odail

“I’m using my work holidays to have a pleasant and meaningful experience: enjoying the company of my friends of the KMC Brazil community, participating in some practices and meditation classes and, mainly, helping to make the Temple more beautiful and safer for visitors- doing some specific maintenance work, increasing my concentration and improving my ability to appreciate others. ”
Odail, VOLUNTEER for maintenance in September / 20


Kadam Dharma is flourishing in the south of Brazil


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