11 September 2020

A Magical trip to scotland

Last week a van set off from Manjushri KMC bound for Aberdeen in the north east of Scotland with a precious cargo from the Kadampa Art Studio.

Last year, Kadampa Meditation Centre Aberdeen acquired a substantial property in the heart of the city as its future home to house a city Temple, a residential  community and facilities to serve as an outreach hub for the North East of Scotland, with classes being run from the center in towns across the region.

For months now Kadampa volunteers have worked to renovate the building and prepare it for opening to the public.

With the sign up and the shrine cabinet ready to receive the statues, the team from Kadampa Art Studio arrived and began work. At the same time a group from KMC Edinburgh came to install the signs in the windows and the precious books in the shrine!

The time is fast approaching when the center will open its doors and the full program of courses will begin

Stay up-to-date on their website at: meditateinaberdeen.org.

Everyone is welcome to KMC Aberdeen