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09 April 2020

Wrapping the World in Tara's Blessings

Tara Day - KMC HK

Yesterday, Tara Day, following the advice of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche, hundreds of Kadampas around the world joined in a virtual Tara puja. In six sessions over a 24-hour period, we recited prayers and requests to Buddha Tara to bless our world and swiftly bring all the suffering to an end.

The puja was streamed from the Temple for World Peace at Manjushri KMC, the mother center of NKT-IKBU. Starting at 2:00 am UK time and then every four hours until the last session at 10:00 pm, people on every continent, regardless of their local time, joined in.

A union of pure minds
It was a very powerful and very blessed experience - a perfect illustration of the international Buddhist union that has emanated from Venerable Geshe-la’s heart. For although we might be geographically separated, in our hearts we are all together - sharing a common intention, a common wish - and mentally creating a new, pure world.

And just as all the participants were united, all living beings were also directly present in our minds. We feel their pain and deeply wish for it to swiftly cease. In the mind of compassion there is no distancing.

Sharing the joy
We asked people to take photos and we have received so many wonderful images of special people with special minds deeply and sincerely praying for the world we cannot feature them all in one article. So we will share them over the next few days. Stand by for a gallery of the faces modern Kadampa Buddhism doing what we do best - sincere prayer. It is hard to look at these pictures and read these words without tears of joy and gratitude welling up.

10,000 kilometers away but together in the heart
We start with an inspiring gallery from Kadampas in Hong Kong. Geographically, almost 10,000 kilometers from the mother center, but mentally right there in the Temple with the Venerable Spiritual Guide.


"Although, right now, we are physically apart, through the compassionate blessings and powerful presence of Mother Tara in all the sessions, I feel she draws us so close to each other throughout the world, and takes us all under her loving care."  -Gen Tonglam

"Such a meaningful and blissful day, to be part of this powerful online puja in requesting for blessings and liberation!" -Maie-Line

Tara Day - KMC HK
Tara Day - KMC HK

"So delighted I can engage in the live stream 24-hour Tara puja, in particular I can do this practice together with my other 2 family members who will not go to the Centre." - Wallace (and his cats)

Tara Day - KMC HK

"Hugh and Arya joined me for part of the first session of the 24-hr Tara Chanting today. It was their first time. They were both so motivated that they joined me again in the second session. We feel joyful and peace!" -Katy

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-09 at 7.30.36 AM (3)
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-09 at 7.30.36 AM (2)

"I was initially skeptical about participating in the Tara Puja over the video link, as we would miss the immediacy of contact of the sangha and the power of group chanting. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised how effective the experience was. The streaming service was excellent and the sound quality no less impactful than at the Centre.

The feeling of togetherness was helped by doing the Puja together with my very dedicated wife Brenda, who went the extra effort to lay out a small Tara shrine. Plus, we saved the hassle of travel and fighting the Causeway Bay crowds. And we are happy to practice social distancing thus fulfilling our civic responsibilities to contain the coronavirus." - Jerry & Brenda

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-09 at 7.30.36 AM (4)
WhatsApp Image 2020-04-09 at 7.30.36 AM (5)

"I feel so connected with everyone in the world at this challenging time. Thank you to our Mother Centre for giving us the opportunity to make powerful prayers to Mother Tara together."   -Margaret

"I feel so blessed, I can take the Bodhisattva Vows six times a day. May I become just like you! May all suffering quickly cease." -Joann

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Tara Day - KMC HK

"So happy to join this puja with other Kadampas all the over the world and create the cause for all the sufferings to cease." -Lay Choo

Tara Day - KMC HK

"May people find inner peace no matter how difficult times become." -Steve (Taiwan)